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  • I’m a Swiftie, but this is just cruel

    By crazy 4 tats
    You can’t make 3 versions for us to buy. Make one. We don’t need 3. And why Ice Spice. She ruined the song. I like Lavender Haze, Karma, and Anti-hero. I just wish we didn’t have to buy all these versions…
  • Slay!

    By 💖💝💘💝💖💘
    This album makes me really calm and relaxed. Way to go!
  • Her most cohesive record

    By LiamTheWriter(:
    Love how cohesive and dreamy it sounds
  • Not again Taylor🤦🏻‍♀️

    By twitch.terror
    Why, Taylor, why? This is simply just a bad and sneaky marketing strategy and you know it. Three hours after Midnights’ original release, you surprised us with seven new bonus tracks (not included in the preorder). Two of which happen to be the best in the whole album (Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve; Bigger Than The Whole Sky). NOW YOU RELEASED A THIRD EDITION WITH THREE NEW TRACKS??? C’mon now. People pay their hard-earned money to listen to your music and see you in concert; this is a big dishonour to your fans. At least this edition didn’t eat like 3am did, but still. This is a great album, but money doesn’t grow on trees, Taylor. Please do better. Thank you.
  • 😶

    By Go tay tay
    This is not her best but there are some good songs.
  • Y’all stop hating

    By Axl timber wolf
    This is a great album 💿 stop hating
  • Why I love Midnight and Taylor Swift

    By Midnight specials
    It has my second favorite singer in one of her songs it has a good beat to all her songs my favorite one at her Eras Tour in Las Vegas was Bejeweled and Lavender Haze She was my Favorite singer one I was 6 And the Eras Tour in Las Vegas was My first ever Concert And that why I love Taylor swift and her Music Goodbye
  • It’s good

    By Cuticat187
    I love it
  • It’s not just a cash grab… if you don’t like it then don’t buy it 😐

    By iloveyouTS131989
    I guess I wasn’t really surprised at all of the bad reviews but WOW. You guys do realize Taylor Swift is not forcing you to buy the album. You can also use a really cool feature apple has where you can buy INDIVIDUAL SONGS instead of the whole album. If you are a hater, then that’s fine but you shouldn’t leave bad reviews on an album if you haven’t even bought it. People can do what they want with their money, and if they are a diehard swiftie like me then they can buy it. If you want all of the songs, just return the album. TAYLOR DON’T LISTEN TO THE HATERS I LOVE YOU!

    By Rory. K
    I was so surprised to see A THOUSAND hate comments. This album is amazing! AND WHO CARES IF THERES CURSING!! That’s what clean version is for! If you guys dislike her, please don’t post awful, rude, and hateful comments about it. I’ll sorry Taylor they don’t respect you! I LOVE THIS ALBUM AND I’LL ALWAYS SUPPORT T.SWIZZLE!!😆Bye!(This was not directed towards any REAL swifties like me!) Bye! PLEASE STOP HATING ON THIS LIFE CHANGING ARTIST!