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  • Ummm

    By Cuticat187
    I get why you all are mad, she literally came out with seven versions of the same album like what??….but just know she really does put her hard work into her songs so yes, she could have just made one or two albums, but when she makes a new song I’m sure that even if it was a single version you all would still freak out. I love the ice spice version of karma though! It’s really good. Anyways, please just give Tay a break, it might seem like a scam but it is really just her creativity and that is just how the iTunes Store works. 🤓
  • Relax people 😂

    By luleysa
    Why people are soo mad you have the option of being she songs you want .. you don’t have to buy the whole album 😂? but she made it a whole album for the ones who didn’t buy it yet and want too now ! Soo calm down
  • I don’t understand the hype

    By ⚡️✨Lily✨⚡️
    Some songs r okay but I don’t understand the hype abt her

    By kmusicLover10
    and to those that say that this album is awful, you don’t know what your talking about. this is a masterpiece!!
  • 💙💛

    By Bobaaaa 🧋
    I love this album!! It’s so good! I listened it in Apple Music and I couldn’t write a review there so I wrote one here!!! :)
  • Why??

    By MistXWave
    I used to listen to her old work and it’s very good, she got too much into pop and rap. I know she’s a singer and it’s what she does but give some songs breath for the sounds at least to give emotion.. It sounds like she’s out of breath threw every song.
  • Why all the cussing?

    By TravisRomeoF1234
    What is with her? Does she think all this cussing makes her look cool? I don’t understand all these celebrities now think they have to cuss up a storm to be relevant. She sounds ridiculous! I used to be a major fan, but after Reputation she lost me. I don’t understand why she started making all these strange life choices. I hope God can put some sense back into her. She needs to return to her roots and stop with this fake, potty mouth image.
  • I love Taylor so much 🥹🫶

    By ada 🩵🫶
    I’m dying dead this is pure art 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹
  • Baller

    By Taytertot29
    Awesome album and very creative and glad I waited for this version for to be released
  • Tay Tay Loves Karma

    By ItIsAlexa325
    Ppl don’t realize over half her albums were stolen by 🛴 are you really surprised she’s trying to make money with Taylor’s Version and all these extra albums. She’d be a billionaire by now if it wasn’t for 🛴