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  • HMMM……

    By madyffff
    I’m not sure?
  • Still holds up

    By mckenzie20
    Even now it still holds up well!
  • Beautiful

    By luleysa
    This is beautiful don’t ever listen to the bad reviews they’re just haters who doesn’t like her fans or her success ! If they truly don’t like her music they wouldn’t been here! Taylor is one of the tops! Period.
  • Impressive

    By MrTinders
    Was never a huge Taylor Swift fan because I don’t like country or pop music too much but I always respected her as a songwriter. I was excited to hear this album and it doesn’t disappoint. The poetry, music, and singing is poignant and beautiful. It also has longevity in the fact that it’s one I constantly come back to and don’t tire of. I really believe this is one of the best albums of all time, it’s that good.
  • Her Best Album Yet

    By Lynn529
    Folklore is an absolute masterpiece, both lyrically and musically. I am delighted they included the original album with The Long Pond Sessions (I had been listening to the original on a free trial of Apple Music, and since I canceled after the free trial period I didn’t hesitate to purchase this when it was released...again, delighted to have gotten both versions for the price of one!) LOVE YOU TAYLOR! FOLKLORE MADE 2020 ALMOST BEARABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great album.

    By Atujvg
    The long pond sessions have so much character. I wish you could buy them as a separate album so I don’t have to repurchase the originals.
  • Gorgeous

    By ATL_30309
    The pond sessions version of Exile is incredible.
  • Awesome album but,

    By Lyoung1982
    I already bought the first half, really don’t want to pay twice but I would like the sessions. I’ll happily up the review stars if we can get them separate
  • Love this!

    By SillySar2
    Look I am Swift fan. But there something so magical when you have three musicians just jamming together. It’s very cool and very unique for 2020 I think.
  • Just Lovely

    By JMPSRP2002
    The live versions are wonderful, exile is amazingly beautiful. The writing in folklore is some of their best and real. The most connected, I’ve felt to music in awhile. I can listen to this and get something new out of it each time.