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Music Video


  • Good job Taylor

    By irisicecream
    I like it it does not matter how she looks it matters for her songs
  • best music video ever

    By Beniana Grande
    i’m bored in quarantine and i thought i would hype up one of taylor’s best music videos!
  • Good

    By Captin Kiki
    It was a good song and everything but the car crash part was wierd and so is " shi-fi master ( review 3) " so don't listen to him
  • Bangs don’t fit her :/

    By 🦄🦄 magic candy
    Weird as hell
  • Childhood ruined

    By The Sci-Fi Master
    What was that? I see this music video and it was so weird. The fact that I saw all of Taylor’s alter-egos in this video didn’t help to define my childhood memories. Taylor, my childhood is ruined by this video.