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  • Absolutely Amazing

    By Just Absolutely AMAZING🤩
    I love the way Taylor never backs down🥰! She makes almost the best music! She supports all of her fans too! Im team Taylor😊
  • Anti Hero is one of my favorites

    By ImmortalStar17
    Love this album

    By Gabby 🫶🏻🫶🏻
    The only problem is that when you buy it, it does not show up in your iTunes??? If anyone has any answers pls help 😭
  • READ THIS! By: Kayla_3609🌸

    By shsjdhcushcjiwjxjaj
    Yall need better ears I seen a lot of 1 stars! My mom played this song so many times. I know this might not be the best song that you guys like. Now hear me out Taylor swift reads this! You guys have life in you I hope.. and respectful at least ok? Bye… what you looking at bio?…
  • A Work of Art

    By App more
    I’ve been a fan of Taylors popular songs but haven’t listened to her entire album until Midnights 3am edition. Listened to the album on a flight from Georgia to Paris, her music is incredible, and inspiring. Of the 20 songs, 10 could be top 10 hits. Congratulations!
  • Amazing

    By luleysa
    Everything about it is amazing
  • What a beautiful, introspective track! 🌙

    By MagicOfMusic✨💕
    Midnights is one of Taylor’s most deep thinking albums. It’s just really nice particularly Paris and Lavender Haze and Anti Hero. People who don’t like the new 3am edition being released, remember that it is not Taylor who is in charge of releasing it; instead let’s focus on the music, which is great! It doesn’t have to be your favorite, just be civil folks. Also, you need to explain why you don’t like the songs better, saying she’s a mediocre, garbage, money hungry singer doesn’t help anyone understand what you’re saying, that’s just bullying.
  • Not pop

    By TRN2015
    This is NOT pop! Love Taylor and will be waiting for her when she returns to pop. Where are the melodies? Where is the production? Where is the drama? Folklore, evermore, and now this?
  • Worst one yet

    By VFib0419
    Worst album of hers!
  • Sheesh

    By DarthvaderBrab200
    Sheesh she says a lot of cuss words like a cussing sailor