We Are All On Drugs


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2005-09-27
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:35

Music Video


  • wow

    By nickyybbb
    that preist is funnyyyy, hate the song tho
  • AH! peer pressure!

    By Flippy7
    Don't take drugs, or you'll probabaly end up like three people 1. Kurt Cobain 2. Barney 3. Michael Phelps- it would be terrible to live like him, his neck probably kills, from holding up all those medals
  • your all stupid

    By Jack Reed
    what if there is no deeper meaning any of you that said there was, what if they just like to have fun and make cool songs and weird music video's, i means its a cool video and a cool songs but there is no deeper meaning in this at least stop ruining it by making it philisophical please
  • weezerz cool

    By rudogg8
    i lke how everyone is on drugs and after every sentance they say "on drugs" i also like how the preist is on drugs.
  • rivers

    By mandy500
    cuomo is the sexiest man alive!!!!! damn!!!
  • Umm the guy who spelled losers lusers is dumb

    By Nickname is my nickname
    This music video is so powerful and creative and the guy who spelled losers lusers(obviousy on purpose) is really dumb.
  • i like

    By sofja
    the song itself is no masterpiece but its very catchy. what i do like is how well the video matches up to it. it makes total sense and helps you enjoy the song more. i cant listen to the song without thinking of the story line that that video has. overall very nice so it still gets 5 stars :)
  • its not language arts so dont infer

    By babyblue21
    most of you are just thinking this is all about drugs. but if you were to actually listen to the tsong youd understand what it means. and this is coming from 7th grader. they are not actually saying that "we are all on drugs". watch the whole video and youll understand what they are trying to tell you how life really is. but besides that i think that the video goes perfectly with the lyrics. and it really shows what you are trying to expres.
  • ............. =P

    By fla gator
    I know the song is about not doing drugs but thats no reason to listen to it. Dont get me wrong i think drugs are for losers, but the song itself just plainly sucked. =P Oh, and the mv was ok....
  • it aint about drugs

    By boomersooner1
    if people would stop to listen to the song they would provably figure it out that it is not about being a CRACKHEAD.