The Ballad of Mona Lisa

Panic! At the Disco

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2011-02-06
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:33

Music Video


  • Omg amayzing!!!

    By Autumnn :)
    Okay so i cant stop replaying this video ahhhhhhhh! I love it! Brendon is so hot in this video ahh! :) his eyes are so pretty anyway great song and deff great video :) <3
  • Panic! is baaaaaack!

    By shelbirose
    I think the video is explaining the sin the song talks about. Rule 1 was to open a window and Rule 2 was to close it two hours later. Maybe that's so the feelin of death didn't wash over people? Or maybe so the smell of death would mix in with the normal smell people were smelling so that nobody suspected anything different. Rule 3 was to stop all clocks and cover all mirrors, probably so no one would be able to tell when the person was killed or who did it. Rule 4 was bathe the body. I really don't know what what was about, probably just normal funeral preparations. Rule 5 was lay the body in white, also normal funeral preparations. Rule 6 was allow the people to mourn (or some other word starting with an F I think) and Mary did it with them so no one would suspect her. Brendon was obviously the person killed, because it was his body and no one could see or hear him except the little girl (Mona Lisa I'm assuming) ad she exposed Mary. Then you see Brendon with fire in his eyes, probably the firer that the people used to burn Mary's body. Thought I would explain that for anyone who didn't get it! Love the song, love the music video, love Panic! altogether!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • huh???

    By saltycherries
    i thought they broke up! awesome sooooong though :)))
  • Hell yesh!!!!

    By RyleeRose11
    ok so i was up at 1 am and saw this music video on tv ....after i did i started rolling on the floor screamin i lurvvve dis song!! must find!!! must find!!! and then i found it ..... then i screamed WHEEEEE i win sucka!!! i am the almighty cheese ball !!!!!! so BOW DOWN BEFORE MEH!!!!!!! (i was pointing at my cat Then he ran away......) AND NOO IM NOT CRAZY wait......never mind i am........ BWAWAWAWAWAWAW<<<<<
  • Answer this....

    By Gizmo545
    Why is this music video out? The album isnt even out for another two weeks! Lol. Its great, but just wondering
  • I can't

    By Owl city rocks
    I love this band to death and all but this is so different idk maybe I just need to hear it again but idk it doesn't sound like them

    By Dajiamee
    Panic! Is back and better then ever
  • Love

    By Itscoldoutside!
    Love both song and video! (:
  • Inlove PATD!!!

    By anonanoo
    I love this song to death!!!! 
  • Awesome Video!!!!

    By UncleJoker
    And the songs to die for ;)

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