Keep You


  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2009-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:33

Music Video


  • Outstanding!!!

    By yokie
    This has got to be one of the best I have ever seen. Not easy to portray two people in one, and yet simple. You captured everything. It tells my story and ways you would not believe. I just wished I knew it was out sooner, I accidentally found it. I wish ITUNEs would announce new videos the same as they do songs and albums. I finally got to see the ACM's unfortunately I don't have ABC., saw them on CMT. And they performed this EXCELLENT. But everything Sugarland produces is EXCELLENT. I was hoping instead of a christmas albumn they would be comming out with a regular albumn. YOUR FANS ARE WAITING>>>>>>>>>
  • Whoa.

    By foofoo500
    This video is amazing. The chords and lyrics are beautiful and heartfelt. This can make you cry.

    By Eric 44
    Very simple... But still VERY moving! I love Sugarland, and this video is not at all a disapointment! Great Job Jen & Kristian!!
  • bad

    By SLURPEE 235645826
    This video is too boring...serioulsy i juss watched the 30 second clip and almost died from boredness...get some life people than juss making music videos that only make 17 well now 18 reviews...noone wants to buy this
  • keep you

    By xkittenxpurrsx
    this is awesome ..i cant wait to see them in concert on wednesday! i would buy anything sugarland come out with
  • STOP!

    By McSmitty17
    I love love LOVE sugarland! But in the description it said country-pop they are definatly not pop! Taylor Swift is country-pop, but not sugarland they are true country and if anything a little more rock but never pop because "country-pop" is not something a COUNTRY artist wants to be!
  • sugerland rocks

    By fjaslk;
    Sugarlands new song is awesome i think it is really good. You will love it if you are a country fan like me.

    By countrymanforever
    I can't believe what they are able to do! This song/video, is something I can really relate to. Jennifer really connects with this song, it makes me feel so good inside. This is what music is all about: writing a real amazing song, amazing vocals, connecting, and amazing talent all around! There is so much more I could talk about, but this is all I have to say! I wish country music like this would finally get the recognition it deserves! You need to buy this video, you will love it! I LOVE YOU JENNIFER NETTLES AND KRISTIAN BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOUR READING THIS, YOU AMAZE ME AND I WISH I COULD HAVE SEEN YOU IN SLC THIS SUMMER, CAUSE YALL ARE MY FAVORITE! I REALLY MEAN IT! GO GO GO GO GO SUGARLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sugarland is amazing.

    By Mikeybmyheart
    this video is so powerful. it really captures the emotion very well. id also like to say that shaun silva is the best director ever. if you have not seen this video by all means wach it. if you are a sugarland fan you will love this video. i cant wait to see what they do next im sure it will be amazing as always.
  • Wow

    By CReneex3SL
    You think that their videos can't get any better every time. And then they do. This is amazing. It's possibly the best video I've ever seen, and it's officially my favorite. The aesthetic beauty of the lighting in this is gorgeous, not to mention that Jenn looks AMAZING! I also love the flashes of the pictures, and how simple it is to have Kristian sitting on the stage alone. This video is dramatic, emotional, beautiful, and perfect. Thank you, Jennifer, Kristian, and Sean Silva!

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