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Music Video



    By 22 Jump Street Review
    Video is awsome and so is the song.
  • Coolness

    By Megmilo1002
    Really creative and new.

    By Allywarren_
    This is my favorite song EVER. I love this movie, it's so amazing!
  • Amazing.

    By Hollisterz
    I saw this song before Jennifers body came out, but I was amazed. I absolutely LOVEd this NEW style of them. I wish they had kept going with this new polished , cool-ish, all electronic and rock and all technologic and charismatic type of song style on Vices and Virtues. I don't know how to describe it. It's kind of NEW-ish and really REALLY CATCHY
  • I want to plug my ears with cement

    By NMagnus
    What a horrble album by a horrible band. If this is the future of music then Panic! At the Disco and around the world is well justified. Horrible!
  • wow!

    By ZoeTyr
    yes! this song is great! im so happy they are getting back to their old sound. oh my god the ! is back. the video is a little different from their old crazy random ones but still love it!
  • New Perspective

    By Paramore-Panic-Anberlin fan
    I'm glad they were able to continue making awesome music post Ryan/Jon but this music video seems to be lacking the unique style they once had with their other videos. It also just seemed kind of alkward when Brendon and Spencer were just walking down the hallways. The song though is really good and I don't get it when people say that it sounds like the songs from their first album because it dosn't, its a completely different style which makes me really excited about the new album!!!
  • YAY

    By he is soo cool09
    I was soooooo sad when the band broke up but i am glad that Bryan is still singing yay for the ausome new song and video
  • great video

    By trackstar!!
    even though half the band is missing its still a great song and a great video gotta love brendon!!!!
  • YAY!!! PANIC! IS BACK!!!!!

    By ToriTaglavore
    I simply love P!ATD. They to me are the best band. I'm glad they're back ive been waiting. :)) :D Call me later Brendon. :DD