Walkin' On the Moon

The-Dream & Kanye West

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2009-06-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:27

Music Video


  • F the dream

    By surfdogdaddy
    The only reason it's good Is cause kanye who I am obbesesed with is in it
  • good video

    By lesley <333
    hey i like this song its preety pimp and i think the dream is kinda...CuTe not kinda he is hahahaha okay thats alll love ya!!! will him
  • Crappy

    By Alwaysbored
    Rockin that thang rap remix is way better
  • Could of been a 5...

    By Da_Father
    But the video really killed it. Like wat most people are saying the video looks pretty much like crap (except the part where Kanye verse. He looks like the Silver Surfer. And MJ in the Scream video). I really thought the video would of been since the "great" Hype Williams directed it. I hope The-Dream did not pay 1 Milli on this. Disappointing. But still buying cuz I like The-Dream and support him. Ha!
  • me too

    By Beefywitz
    i'd be walkin on the moon too if christina milian was my girl !
  • Expected

    By EPT915
    Expected better....
  • The Dream is definitely not a dream

    By SPSeattle
    I love this song. Picked it up in NYC on a mix tape back in Jan 2009, so I've been bumpin it since then. Actually wondering when "Flight School" is coming out, also by same duo. But dayum! It is such crap that female music artists have to look so incredibly perfect (with the very rare Jennifer Hudson exception) and artists like The Dream, Lil Wayne, and T-Pain can come out lookin half-a*$ crazy and/or overweight and no one says a damn thing! Further, they are considered sex symbols. I just don't get it. Not knocking the song but it amazes me what male artists can go around looking like and still be considered hot. Hot mess is more like it.
  • liked it more before i saw the video

    By DzzyPrncss
    I really liked this song...then I saw the video. You know how you picture a singer to look, and then you see them in a video and are "oh dang...he fugly." That's how I felt here. I still think the song is sensational and his voice is alright. It's very catchy and I will continue to turn it up when it comes on the radio. Definitely not buying the video though. And is it copyright infringement to use the Falcon in this video? ::paging Mr Lucas...we have an issue::
  • Keep It Going

    By ▬Shadow▬
    Nice video,Nice Lyrics,and even better,because it has a beat and a rythm that reminds me of the KING of pop.
  • catchy,. but a little too commercial

    By nice new pepsi commerical
    its not a bad song, its just commercial nothing really stands out about the artist. MJ sorry he is no MJ, other then the silver her rocked on his hat.

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