Welcome to Heartbreak

Kanye West & Kid Cudi

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2009-03-13
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:30

Music Video


  • Amazingly genuine!

    By Selfmade85
    Very deep song, love this song gets me all the time. Kanyes always kept it real period.
  • Can

    By sins83
    This is very artistic! Too bad it didn't get nominated for anything... I think? One of the best music video's I've seen though.
  • ye

    By scott8al
    every song and album just gets better the more he writes! he is always fresh like scott mescudi!!
  • Genius.

    By woahjah1
    People can say all they want about Kanye West being arrogant, or sloppy, or awful, but it's just wrong. He is a true artist, in that he follows his muse and not his surroundings. This video, along with the entirety of 808s, is artistic, vivid, emotional, and real as it gets. The video itself is masterfully executed, and is the best music video I have seen in my lifetime along with Coldplay's The Scientist. 5+ stars.
  • Heartbreak stage

    By Geremy290
    Amazin video can't wait for his next album.
  • René

    By Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam
    Dis jont is vicsious no lie
  • HOLD IT!

    By girplunkk
    This has got to be one of the most imaginative videos I've ever seen. It's so amazingly engaging and it completely blows my mind. That being said, just because Kanye is IN the video, it doesn't mean he thought of the concept. I keep reading comments saying "Wow, Kanye's so imaginative" "Kanye, keep it up" "Kanye, I love you". Now that THAT being said, I'm not totally sure, maybe he did come up with the idea, and computer generated it, and found the location, and picked his own clothes (I have a long list, I'm just gonna end it here). Nonetheless, this is an amazing video, buy it now!
  • 'Ye is still incredible

    By viжonary
    I never get tired of this video! Ye does it again-- funny how cudi wa on this track before day n nite but still wasn't a big name yet and by the time this video came out, we all knew him ^_^ @ nerdy chica Even Quentin Tarantino has said "I steal from every movie ever made," and "I always say, 'Real artists steal." It's not that "great minds...etc.," it's that real artists recognize and are inspired by real art.
  • Different Kanye

    By EWW05
    You always know Kanye is gonna give an interesting video, and he definitely does. But, I think the song is more impressive. Many see Kanye as this tool with a big ego but here he shows that although he has fame and fortune, he still wants to have normal everyday happiness and how he feels like he's lost control. I would recommend it to everybody, cudi is about to explode.
  • Great video

    By Steezysteve
    It did the song justice. Alot of videos don't match especially when the song is a hit but Kanye is different!

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