Already Gone


  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2008-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:35

Music Video



    By pworsnop
    That was really bad I geuss that just doesn't work for me, sry. The song made me hate the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is Awesome!

    By Countryguys<3
    OMG! sugarland is completly awesome, i love already gone,it has a good beat to it<3
  • Already Gone

    By Dr. Dave43
    Great song, one of my new favorites.
  • sugarland is awesome : )

    By AnnabelleBBy
    i have no idea why you all think this is really bad , Because it's absolutely not ! Jennifer Nettles has an incredibly strong southern twang to her , & it sounds amazing . Just because she doesn't sound like taylor swift , or carrie underwood doesn't mean anything . i can tell just by the way you all judge her that you guys don't even listen to country music . Get a life .
  • Love That Sugarland

    By n2hisname
    I love this video and song. I have been a follower from the begining. They are simply a great duo together. I would like to see Kristian sing more, what a voice. Jennifer is an angel, she has some good pipes too. Only together they are Sugarland......
  • Already Gone

    By Boston25
    Jenn has an incredible voice. You either love it or hate it. Thank God the majority LOVE it and hopefully Sugarland will be around to keep us listening to music and watching their innovative videos.
  • Eric S

    By Prof Sample
    This is the cheezist video ever made. pure glitz no substance.

    By NashvilleHasMyHrt
    AMAZING video, song, vocals, and performers!!!
  • Millionaires acting like hicks

    By Utah man am I
    Country music is such a put-on. Fake accents, fake heartaches, fake down-home sentiments. Wake up, folks! No matter what these people say or sing, they're not like us. They live in lavish mansions and fly around in their private jets. Country music is about as authentic as that other thing you country fans love: pro wrestling. When are you people going to wake up and realize it's all a scam?
  • pass

    By Drielok
    sounds all the other "country"

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