Goodnight Goodnight

Maroon 5

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2008-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:07

Music Video


  • awesome!!!!!!...... with a tad of confusion

    By fishy93
    i love this video, its so amazing, i love how it has two parts going at the same time, the only part i found confusing was when the before and after parts switch at the very end, i think it is supposed to have some kind of symbolic meaning, but i don't understand :) but i still love the video and i <3 Maroon 5
  • Awesome Vid

    By bgsu_girl
    I love maroon 5 and i love this video. I love the simplicity of it. You have the big time video with wake up call and now we have a low key simple video i love it.
  • Not the song you would think....

    By isthisheather?
    Adam, when asked about Goodnight Goodnight in an interview, admitted it was actually about the relationship between a father and daughter. Contrary to the video...The same goes for She Will Be Loved...A man dates a woman's daughter then has an affair with her mother (weird) but totally irrelevant to the song....=] I LOVE ADAM LEVINE THOUGH!
  • I Think It's About..

    By PRLeoNYC
    It seems that good night reflects what happens before, and after you have money. Cause and Affect. Whatever he has now doesn't add up to what he had. Great video... that's my take on it.
  • <3

    By -Broadway Girl-
    The before and after parts of the video are great, and I love the guy who is struggling with this relationship, because a lot of people (or some people) can relate to that feeling, making it a great, well-rounded video. ~Sara
  • Perfect

    By matgd
    It's more than perfect.. i loved the video... Awesome... I love Them!! s3
  • awesome video

    By jen4rnurse
    this video is about a difficult relationship that the guy decides he has to end and he struggles with it the whole time. He goes back and forth the whole time between his emotions. He is looking to the future and feels the relationship wont work. He is heart broken to end it but feels he has to. He thinks he has done the right thing until the very end and he questions himself on his decision. It crosses his mind that maybe he made a mistake. I love this video I totally get it!
  • Well done M5!

    By PauoloDiLio
    I love the song and the video too.
  • love it

    By Meredoodle
    this song is great
  • Beautiful video

    By Gdssofwine
    Im a huge Maroon 5 fan this is absolutly one of their best videos! And what a beautiful song!