If I Never See Your Face Again

Maroon 5

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2008-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:26

Music Video


  • This One Is Better Than Rihanna's

    By -Broadway Girl-
    This video is so much better than the one with Rihanna. That was just basically her, looking hot and singing. This is so much deeper, and it is visually delicious, you can't take your eyes off it. I like how the picture's get colored and moved and turned around and then disapear or fade. It's a really great video, and you should buy this one insted of the one with Rihanna, as much as I like her and all, this video's just better. ~Sara
  • I ranked the song a 5, but since this is a music video, went down to a two..

    First of all the video was horrible. It was like pictures with different shades.. It is like of I heard Maroon 5's album and saw this video, I would not connect the two. Their album shows awesome creativity, and this video is like... WHAT!?.. Srry makes no sense.. \
  • This version beats the one with Rihanna

    By KaGe_13
    When this CD came out in 2007, this was the song that grabbed me the most. Awesome opening song, catchy beats...most artists don't do things like that anymore. I would listen to this song every morning on my way to my internship. Then 2008 comes and, although the song is okay with female vocals, I felt Rihanna messed up the song. It didn't have the same gusto...it felt too pop-like - bubblegummy (I can't find an exact word for it). Now Maroon 5 releases the original version of the song...what they should have did in the first place.
  • I <3 this vid

    By kylemelissa
    its cute rihana looks amazing and its just all around goooood
  • great one

    By JackHVFL
    maroon 5 has so may good songs, lo check out my imix maroon 5 greats.
  • awesome

    great is it in soho but what i like about this video it isnt bad like wake up call
  • Awsome

    By twhyte7
    its great its kindda wierd but cool everyone buy it my friend loves miley cyrus her music vidos are so plain maroon 5 's are very cool at different places and all soo cool everyone buy it

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