• Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2008-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:21

Music Video


  • I so love this song !

    By Cool Taylor pop
    I think this video is one of her top coolest videos . I like this song so much and the video is creative and creepy keep up the good work !
  • Amazing

    By Alex Slingluff
    As much as i am in love with the song…this video is quite disturbing but i DO have a disturbing side…i love the video!!!!!
  • worse vid by her

    By yelrafregnig
    those jail scenes are interesting but in a bad way
  • I love Rihanna

    By Tanyannette
    She's so gorgeous! Video is amazing! It's so creepy! I don't know why there's so much complaints. Did they think a song called "Disturbia" would have a video with her sitting on a unicorn that poops out rainbows? Stop complaining and enjoy the video. Remember its just a video. Keep that in mind.

    By skschmitz
    Dark side is hot
  • I see the message, though others may not.

    By DomD11
    At first I thought it was kind of creepy and weird, but then it got better. That video is awesome! I totally understand the message- Rihanna feels like she's being disturbed, so she makes a great song and a video that matches it PERFECTLY. Keep up the good work!
  • Scary

    By Jack&Sky
    This video s a little freaky, with her being possessed and all, but it really glues you to the screen, watching it.
  • so creepy

    By i just like the beat so much
    i like the song but hearing the video it is so creepy with the zombei

    By Sombra's Diamond Heart
    This video goes with the song so well being that the song is like losing her mind so the video has to have her losing it aswell it's scary because losing it is scary
  • A Creative and Suspenseful vid!

    By OJ JP
    Rihanna's DISTURBIA video is unique and really smart! All the scenes and creeps describe the song PERFECTLY. The most CREATIVE scene are the white eyes! This is one of the best music video and probably one of her bests!

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