What About Now


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2007-01-11
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:10

Music Video


  • This is great!

    By Personal Soldier 13
    I love this music video because of several reasons. 1 is because it is by Daughtry. 2 is because the music itself has a good pure message (like Funny123456789 stated). 3 because the music video shows what is actually going on around the world and is trying to show us all the bad that happens. Daughtry does not only have music videos about relationships between two people, but between communities, between coutries, and between the whole world. WE are only one person, but we can do a whole lot if we all do something. If people do not know what is happening, how can you help, how would you be able to adress a situation without knowing about it in the first place. This music video really speaks to me to help. Keep making more music Daughtry!
  • what about now

    By cittycatgirl
    this is amazing and so touching! :) i loved it!
  • Awsome!!

    By RyanCrosley
    That is one of the best I've seen in a long time. Two thumbs up to Daughtry!!
  • We need more videos, more artists like this

    By MancuniasRedArmy
    Who use their platforms for good, to spotlight the tradgedies and the hope that is out there in the world.
  • Amazing Message

    By hpintwense
    I usually never watch music videos, but one day I was watching something on tv with the top music videos of the week, and I saw this. I have to say that it was seriously moving and I loved how different it was from all other videos they were showing. This one actually has a message and means something, and the song just goes along with it perfectly. I would totally reccomend watching this video!
  • The Real Deal

    By jaiden2010
    This guy just keeps the hits coming he has so much inside him it will be a while before he gets it all out thank god because that means we keep getting the best music from him thank you Daughtry its great to finally buy albums that the whole album is great not just a song or two enjoy everyone this genius is here to stay.
  • Da Best!

    By audrajensen
    This is actually now my favorite Daughtry song! Daughtry is so awesome; please buy this.
  • Great. Simple as that.

    By Suzy!!
    This song is an amazing and touching one. The music video would be great without music, because it has a message itself, but of course "What about now" also sounds fantastic with it. Daughtry was actually hardly shown in the music video, which I like since the point of a music video is not just to see the artist sing the song, it's to illustrate the song's story. =)
  • Wow...Thats all I can say

    By M.ylime
    I am serious, this song is so touching, and meaningful! I Love it! Daughtry did an excellent job!
  • This song is amazing!!

    By grinnymed
    Great harmony and meaningful words. Great they made a video with it!

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