Kanye West

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2008-04-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:24

Music Video


  • Kanye West & Chris Martin (Coldplay)

    By ♫DJ JD♫
    Great collaboration . Nice it's in Chicago behold the giant bean xD
  • Feature

    By Xlr8Man
    Was that Chris Martin?!
  • perfection.

    By allee=]
    in my opinion, greatest music video ever made.
  • Homcoming in the Running!

    By Funniest Music Vid of My Life
    First of let me say this is a great vid n to ignore my nickname which says Funniest Vid of My Life ( accidently put the title in the nickname section when i was rating Let It Rock Kids Bop Version) because this vid is a lotta things other than funny (in a good way). From begining to end i love the incorporations of hood life n struggles and the special effects, especially when his cut out is moving and singing which coincidently looks like the iTunes promos of cut outs of people listenin to their ipods, well anyway my only disapointment is iTunes choice to take out the curse words. I know u want it to be "family-friendly" but franky that isnt the theme and it diminshes the song. I mean u could at least make it cheaper for robbing us of a few lyrics. But anway im just hoping they didnt take anything else away from this video. A few weeks later a full color version of this vid might come out for like 5 bucks more.
  • Chris Martin!

    By happinessfilled
    Wow. Kanye is great in this video but to me Chris really stands out. Now I'm clearly a Coldplay fan but i honestly couldn't have predicted how good it was and how much Chris was a refreshing touch to it. Please buy it. It's great for ANY Coldplay or Kanye West fan.
  • Kanye & Coldplay! WOW.

    By Party Girl2
    Kanye and Chris are super talented i just adore this video and hope you do too!
  • Great Song

    By tevers94
    One of my favorite songs! 10/10
  • love this song

    By footballridersprial
    one of my friends gave this to me on a cd as a gift and i am on love with this song!!
  • Crazy!

    By J-Money Ryan
    This is true lyrical poetry in rap form. The lyrics are what rap is about and the beat is really cool too. This video shows Chicago and is pretty simple but cool. Kanye does it again.
  • clean

    By wildcatfan90842
    yeah itunes needs to put the real version of this up, the clean version isnt as good

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