Tell Me This (G-5) [feat. MeMpHiTz & T-Pain]


  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2007-01-11
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:49

Music Video


  • Tell me this (G-5) Tha remix

    By maleefoo
    It is the most mutha f ing cool thang in this awesome place!
  • Best Huey Song

    By Moviewhiz1
    This is my fav song
  • rreeaallyy freaken good.

    By EB__#24
    i have never seen such a freaken awesome music video that had t-pain in it i think its one of his best videos and the whole world should know
  • Best Huey song eva!!!

    By Peg-Leg
    OK, maybe not, it's tied with "Nobody Loves the Hood." I like T-Pain's features, so I had to get this song. But one thing I know is that this song features Memphitz, T-Pain AND Tay Dizm. I wonder why his name is not listed here. Ah well. It's still hot.
  • Huey-Tell Me This (G-5) [Remix]

    By WooHoo17
    Tell Me This (G5) is the third single off of Huey's album notebook paper. This remix I must say is much better than the original. Juts like the remix for Pop Lock & Drop it. Huey, suprisingly has a great verse, and displays how great he can be in remixes. MepHitz with in the original, and has a pretty good verse. Finally, we get to the best verse of the song, T-Pain's verse. Even though he raps without his fake voice, his voice is just killing. Also, they didn't give this person credit, but Tay Dizm shows up in T-Pain's verse and talks to T-Pain. I recommend this lots more than the original.
  • 2 late as usual

    By Jucey J
    this song was on 106 3 months ago. but i still think its an awesome song

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