You Rock My World

Michael Jackson

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2001-08-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 5:44

Music Video


  • you rock my world mj

    By mj luuvver
    mj, u r the best singer this world has ever or will ever see~~~~~ i miss u!!!!! u really proved in this video u r the true king of pop, no one can ever top ur musical talent!!!!!!! thank u 4 blessing us with this wonderful music and we will pay u back by letting u rest in peace, a death u didn't deserve!!! no one can hurt u now michael!! we have lost a true musical icon!!! R.I.P., michael jackson, the king of pop
  • hottest video

    By $W33T H3@RT
    i love this video and the song. my heart reaches out to the entire jackson family. he will truly be missed
  • Ouuuuu

    By Jakstape
    I love his dance and songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • my childhood hero

    By ironman19
    There will never be music like this again, still can't believe he is gone!
  • He's simply the best!

    By hotblkboy
    This video is awesome, you see the perfection that he puts into everything he does & this video is no exception! Michael RIP, you will be remembered for years to come!
  • you rocked my world with your music( chi-town)

    By old school tea
    i loved this video it was awesome as always. michael did a great job their are no words to describe the work put in presenting this video. thanks for all the great music gonna miss you. RIP love you forever
  • I understand

    By nikki j06
    MJ I understand!... The world is a cruel place, you are judged in so many ways, the color of your skin, the clothes we wear, the car you drive. Despite all. You are GREAT! This video proves it!... to ME, this was a great come back video, the whole look, the scene the good cast members, dancers, the creative moves the body flexibility,(OMG). You are the greastest!... It's so sad you had to leave us!.. I understand.
  • Incredible

    By ChiqqiFlores
    This is the kind of soul and funk I need to feel alive. Thank you Michael for all you gave us. If the whole world watched all the MJ videos all day like we just did all day it COULD change the world overnight and as you said 'you can't do it alone' so come on people complete what MJ gave us - we are the last part and can make it happen. We can live and love each other and bring peace. Collette, Ireland.
  • Awesome Video

    By OrgChris9
    When the frist time I saw this I was hook right away, the fact of how much star power is in here, Chris Tucker is funny as heck and Michael could take the jokes. And the Fact that he had Marlon Brando in his vid wow that is star power rest his soul (Marlon Brando) but he would never appear on anyones movie or appreance at all but cause Michael is the King of Pop only he can pull that off. And others in the video as well, I'm really going to miss him and all the things he has done. Michael I will always remember the happy you bring in me and all my friends thanks.
  • Too Sad for Words

    By joejonasluver777
    He is the king of pop and always will be. RIP Micheal

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