Go On Girl


  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2008-01-07
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:24

Music Video


  • wow

    By chicapurple82!!
    this song is one of th coolest songs ever!!
  • not his best work...

    By ↓Music Man╗
    its not like this wuz his worst vid ever but it wasnt his best either (that would be Closer)...i also think he kinda rushed this video mainly bcuz of the quality...normally he has high quality but not in this...another thing he tried to do was add fast dancin to slow music that cooda killed the vibe...but atleast its a good song!
  • What the hell

    By rumster
    I really like Ne-Yo, but his videos, for the most part, are terrible. They have nothing to do with the song at all and only showcase one of two things: his dance ability, and half naked women. A video is more than someone shaking their rear and parading around in a bathing suit. It sells your song. This video is nothing more than a bad attempt to prove playa status. Horrible. Absolutely horrible.
  • Look "CLOSER"

    By DJ Haphazard
    If you just look CLOSER you will be able to see that this video is great. It's simple yet and still it has meaning. The video doesn't have the drama surrounding it as usual videos because its more of an artisitic video. It shows off the person singing,....NE-YO! I love it!
  • ood song

    By Bwin a.k.a ~Da Rock~
    this video is jus to stupid n corny n looks like a chaep video.period.
  • Go On Girl!

    By M. Andranique<3
    I like the soft beat to it. It has a relaxing tone to it. It sounds like a sad song but its a break up song. Usually break up songs would be loud and obnoxious but this song was more calm. I love the chorus, too. "Please don't worry 'bout me I'm fine. (Please don't worry 'bout me I'm fine) Only gonna play the fool one time (Only gonna play the fool one time) Trust me when I say that I'll be okay Go On Girl Go On Girl Go On Girl"
  • Horrible Video

    By RLMiller22
    I love this song but this video is crazzzzy bad. I was expecting way more from this when I saw he made a video for this song.
  • Ughhh ne-yo why bro.....

    By tyrantbt
    This is an amazing song, its a hit on the radio and then you get to this music video and are wondering what was going through his head. I agree with the people below me the reason why his songs and music videos where amazing hits were because the music videos had a story line this music video was just a waste of a lot of time and money. he should deffiantly do a re shoot and bring everything he got. Hes a great R&B singer/writer but wow I was a little disappointed with this video bro ~1~
  • YEAH

    By Mr. FlyGuy
    I think there is no plot to the video but that doesn't take away from Ne-Yo the artist...he is the truth..Great song..it really helped me through my own situation wit love...I realize Im too fly to be depressed..Ya Dig!
  • Very Disappointed With This Video

    By j-r73
    "Go On Girl" is one of my favorite tracks on this album (Love, Love, Love the song) and for Ne-Yo to cheapen this song with this terrible video does not do this track justice. After watching this video, it has soured the song for me altogether. You would think that this video would be more vivid because the song has more of a story to tell particularly when listening to the lyrics. I guess I expected a lot more from a very versatile and talented artist and am kind of surprised and disappointed that he would okay something like this - choosing video vixen girls over the potential of an innovative video concept. The concept of this video falls flat. Get rid of this ASAP!!!

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