Grey Street

Dave Matthews Band

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2006-01-03
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 5:07

Music Video


  • Must Have!

    By NRutt2005
    My all time favorite DMB song! Amazing drum grooves also! Trying to now master this song on my drums!
  • Great video... but...

    By steveguy13
    this is not the version from the DVD. Don't buy it if thats what you want, otherwise its great, besides the fact that there is no LeRoi solo at the end of the song (no jam session at all really, and that was my favorite Grey Street Roi Jam :) ). I recommend this DVD to everyone, The Gorge (2002 - released 2004). It came as an extra in a 2 disc audio set from that four day awesome-fest, which features songs like Warehouse, Granny, Lie in Our Graves... but the DVD is way better than anything on the CDs in my opinion. The DVD itself has Grey Street, Tripping Billies, Ants Marching, Seek Up, Halloween + more and also has some cool band and crew interview stuff. I wish the whole DVD was available on iTunes!!!! Rest in Peace Roi, I still feel you breathing.
  • This is the video that did me in.

    By Order of the Rose
    Saw this on VH1 and was hooked. I am now a "Dave Head"...
  • great song

    By Beckhamfan23
    dave matthews is incredible live their studio songs are nothing compared to live. this is a great concert live at the gorge and its a great song
  • A Concert Experience

    By JVClough
    I was at this concert, and it was amazing! The thing that you have to understand about The Dave Matthews Band is that, although their albums are fantastic, there is no comparison to being at their concerts. You really don't know Dave until you have seen him live, and this video shows how great it was and is at every concert he gives. Hurray! to iTunes for putting his live concert videos online. Buy this video, you will not regret it.
  • Better just buy the whole DVD

    By tama0501
    I started listening to Dave because of the drumming (my wife actually bought our first DMB disc). I bought this concert CD/DVD on a whim (Gorge 2002) and it is outstanding. I own almost all of their stuff now and can't get enough. I am a true genuine DMB fan, almost to a fault:-)
  • comment

    By nick0419
    this is a live concert and i cant figure out were it is, is it at the gorge
  • 10 stars

    By tonyk
    this video gives me chills watching it, cause dave shows are just remarkable!! i love it! scrape up two dollars and get this.
  • Definitely a must have

    By rollmebackagain
    This is probably my favorite DMB music video - it does a great job of capturing the live setting of a DMB show, plus it's one of the most beloved songs the band plays. Get this now!

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