But It's Better If You Do

Panic! At the Disco

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2006-06-29
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:36

Music Video


  • (/-_-)/ \(-_-\)

    By panic at the mcrmy
    I love this music video with a passion. I love this band for the music and the members. Brendon Urie is beautiful. Ryan Ross and Spencer smith are adorable too!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH <3
  • ...

    By panic!atthedisco124
  • <3.LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    By Steelsoul
    This is one of my fav videos from them not because of the burlesque stuff but because I like the masquerade style and the guys(P!ATD) look rock that look and really cute especially BRENDON .....love em
  • awesome!!!!!!!!! :)

    By 4ever edward
    AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)LOVE IT!
  • Great!!!!

    By jeiƟ
    I love this song and the video isn't bad at all, Brendon isn't that bad of an actor. I love it!! Oh and for those of you who wonder why a strip club is that the song is about a guy in a strip club.
  • i loooove the song!

    By 4everrandum
    but not rly the music video i ddnt know they were going to a club :S i would give a 5 stars for the song but the video subtracts 2 stars :P
  • P!ATD babyyy!

    By All time low baby!<3
    This is one of my fav songs and the mvid is osm!! It has a great beat and a cute story:). Also, if I like this.. Check out the vid for "New Perspective". It's the bomb!! Buy this guys!!!!!!
  • Hah.

    By Funkoflarry
    I love this song. I didn't like the video at first, but I must say, it's grown on me. Plus brendon's acting at the beginning is win. xD Get this. It's cool.
  • Hot

    By blue.ibts
    This music video is soo hot. The whole plot is amazing, I was getting sucked into the story. and I loved the ending, and of course, the song is genius
  • Strip Club?

    By Panic! 0.0
    Why A Strip Club? But His Songs Are Awesome. Who Agrees.

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