Mary Jane's Last Dance

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2006-08-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:41

Music Video


  • Classic

    By Clarktalexander65
    Now that Tom Petty is dead, I truly hope every person that loves him remembers his music. Tom coined many great lyrics and many classic notes but Indiana Girl is by far is best. May Petty live long in Infamy and may he rest in peace.
  • Mary Jane's Last Dance

    By Tony Maddox
    I heard this song after many years of not hearing it, and the first thing I thought of was "The Video", featuring Kim Basinger. Ooooh baby, creepy and cool. Only T.P.H.B. could pull it off. Madd Dogg ;<)
  • wired

    By Gundoggie
  • Oh hell yeah

    By dmpyron
    This is a great vid. Somebody said "scary good". I'd add "weird good" to the mix. Kim once said that this was one of her harder roles because she had to be completely limp. This is along the same style as Arrowsmith's "Janey Got a Gun" in it's interpretation of his own song. I think this means this was his vision when he wrote it.
  • Mary Jane's Last Dance

    By robinnicoles
    I really like this song/video and it is a bit creepy/scary but that's what makes this video rememberable! Lol it's an older video but I remember it. :)
  • Haunting

    By Two Gunslingers
    Petty is a master of music videos, and this is his Citizen Kane. This video will haunt you.
  • Love the video

    By CoconutVegas
    Love the video even more than the song. Petty took a risk with this because cookie cutter people like cookie cutter videos. This and don't come around here are two videos that should come with your iPhone. I am reminded of alice coopers cold ethyl every time I see this video.
  • ???

    By Ace 59
    What... the... heck... was that??? Songs good though, the rating's for the video
  • Freaking awesome

    By Jotten
    I love this song and video glad I tunes has it
  • sureee

    By TheOfficeFan15
    Video: Creepy Song: GREAT!!! 5 stars for song but 2 for the vid so ill give it three stars

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