Because of You


  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2007-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:57

Music Video


  • Quality

    By (: Afer :)
    The video has static in the backround :( poor quality...
  • Ne-Yo is the king!!!

    By Sameuls
    Following Michael Jackson's footsteps, Ne-Yo is an amazing dancer and a very talented artist. This is the first music video I have purchased and am expecting more with the intensity brought by Ne-Yo's "Because of You".
  • Ne-Yo's Finest

    By Sleazer
    Very good song and very good music video. Matches perfectly. Can't wait for music video to Champagne Life. I also want to meet him in person lol
  • Love ne yo

    By Rasida
    I don't know what l
  • truely amazing.

    By theonewhoknowsalL95
    this song and video are amazing. it rruely shows what neyo can do.
  • good for him!!!

    By womprat
    ya know, those of you picking on him for picking the less attractive girl, i bet ur all guys, for one thing, and second, shame on you! i think its good that he left the hot girl for the one that probably has the less snobby, butt rude , prissy attitude. it shows that there's atleast ONE guy who isnt STUPID enough to only like a girl for her looks. i like him and the music video. - the average girl who hates guys that only like girls cause they're hot.
  • CIARA, from fantasy ride album, Genre. BECAUSE OF YOU,

    By gizmo1155t
    neither one of these songs are available for purchasing at I TUNES, only video from Because of you is available!! WHY IS THAT!! Its very inconvenient when my purchasing songs and or albums is mostly through I TUNES!! : (
  • huge NEYO fan!

    By tru-JELLO
    wow neyo is the best ..and this song&video is amazing!..he reely know's what it takes to make these songs and videos a success! great job NEYO!
  • wow!!!

    By squeaky23t
    great song, great video 2. I LUV NE-YO
  • I love that boy!

    By Russian_Irisha
    My goodness he is soooo cute! Love, love, love the song!

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