I'm Glad

Jennifer Lopez

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2003-04-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:27

Music Video


  • Hot

    By DetRiotGirl
    I love this video! Bring the 80s back!
  • Great video, but only average song

    By enturner
    As others have said, this video is modeled after the scenes from the 1980's movie "Flashdance". The video does a great job in faithfully recreating these scenes. It has the audition scene, the welding scene, the stage, etc. That said, "I'm Glad" is not the best piece of work ever done by J-Lo. It's just your basic pop/love song. The Flashdance song had more to it than that. Also, this video is not the exact same version as the others out there on the web, but it does include significant parts of the same scenes, despite the fact that the preview is a bit misleading.
  • I

    By Jenny Fan
    This is Jlo at her best. She is such a great dancer. She could have been professional. I dont know about you but i loved this video and bought it right away. It's the only video which really showcases her dancing. I think she should do stuff like this more often. I'M REALLY GLAD!!!
  • Knock Off

    By Charles Platt
    Jennifer Beal she isn't so why the knock off of the movie Flash Dance?
  • Buy the REAL One!

    By digiprod
    Buy Flashdance the Movie the dancing and music is better and like most things the original is always better.
  • From 1 J-Lo 2 another

    By TheJuanAndOnly
    I miss the '80s, too, Chica. But this vid is weak.
  • People People People

    By Q-Q
    i am assuming that anyone who doesn't like this video has never seen the movie flashdance. GO RENT!!!! Then you will appreciate this video and what she has done.
  • This IS the video for "I'm Glad"

    By felisleo98
    ...Ala Flashdance-style..great idea, love it. :) "My Love Don't Cost a Thing" is a totally different video.
  • Red Hot!!!

    By Adam Duran
    I'm not a big J. Lo fan but this is easily her best song and the video is on fire!
  • The best video in the history of music

    By Bigrubedaddy
    Jennifer Lopez has the one of the best back sides i ever seen. it is realy displayed in this video. I love when the water poors all over her. She is so sexy! I love at the end when she is dacing fast and her bottom is shaking back and forth, up and down uncontrolabley. the black tank around her tiny waist and the black panties just show the art of j-lo's onion booty. It really is enough to make a grown man cry. I must say that in my entire life this is the best 1.99 i have ever spent. I don't care about Jennifer Lopez as an artist but i must stay i would kill to been at the video shoot just to she her sweat.

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