Amy Winehouse

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2006-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:35

Music Video


  • Do a little research

    By Reasserted and informed
    When a 22 year old white girl from England sings Jazz at a level of a 60 year old Memphis Blues artist it should be appreciated! Amy wrote songs about HER life. Not songs on how others should live theirs. She was troubled on so many levels and wrote songs to help her deal with her pain. I was brought to tears by this beautiful, talented, young woman's tragic death. Never did God give so much talent to such an unlikely vessel.
  • Amazing and phenomenal.

    By Spongeboobs r funnn
    R.I.P I miss her dearly and wish I could see her in concert one last time. She will forever remain my idol no matter if she took drugs or not.
  • Great Singer Jazz and R&B

    By bailey57
    This bunch would have stoned Billie Holiday . But when all you have for great musicians are Beyonce , Janet , Shakira , Rihanna , J.Lo ,,, It speaks for it self .
  • Nice

    By dopestcracker
  • Rehab

    By Boozy Green
    I love this song. I guess all of us who need rehab love it. I wish Amy had gone. I love her music.
  • Amy Amy Amy....

    By Nomraed
    LOVE Amy Winehouse... RIP. For all those that HATE on Amy, her music & her disease (Yes People Alcoholism IS a DISEASE).... She lived her life the way SHE wanted, NOT for ANYONE else. Before you criticize her, look at your own demons. She was and always will be an incredible, eclectic, talented, unique woman who had an appreciation and love for jazz & soul music. Not to mention the 61 nominations/awards (winning 24, including 5 Grammy's) she received for her outstanding music. She accomplished amazing achievements in her 27 years of life.

    By Kayzizzle20
    she is so pretty and wonderful! if u dont like her then u are nuts this is one of many songs that she is well known for BUY IT!!!!!
  • =Q

    By adrianne123
    I love this song and music video. The Bari Sax is Awesome!!!! :)
  • Rip

    By NayQuon's Leadin Lady
    Rip amy see u in heaven
  • Hope

    By KassiahD
    Hope her unreleased songs come out

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