Live In the Sky (Featuring Jamie Foxx)

T.I. featuring Jamie Foxx

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2003-04-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 0:00

Music Video


  • This song has a real meaning

    By Nikki95
    this song has a real meaning to it its not all the songs out there that say gross and preverted things but this song even my grandmother likes so that means that this song is not only a good song but a song that has a meaning to it. I think that this song rocks!!
  • Greatest Song Ever

    By Rocker_Chic
    T.I. and Jamie Foxx really put alot of emotion and personal feelings into this song. This is the greatest song ever.I guess I love this song because I can really relate to this song,with a personal death of a friend.(RIP MEGAN WALKER)
  • Great

    By ~&hearts:
    This is a very different side of T.I...cuz we used to hearing T.I. in songs like Top Back Remix, What You know Bring 'em Out and those songs are very energetic..........This vidoe is awesome.........he talks bout his kids......Clifford jr.,Deyjah, Messiah, Dominai........and he talks bout how much he LOVE's them.......great vidoe T.I..........forget Ludacris...................Ludacris suxx......I read a review for a T.I. video and it sadi that .T.I was gay and that person gave it one star and said that ludacris was better................Whatever T.I. is the KING. of Da South and Ciara is the Queen of the South and Lil' Wayne is the best rapper DON'T get it is a sad vidoe but great job T.I. Buy it totally different side of .T.I So worth your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great Video

    By Calypso
    This song is so sad, but I love to listen to it which is proof that T.I. is a genius.
  • More Den The Glamor

    By thewillshow
    You kno, reading the other reviews on here, i don't think ppl really understand the words in this song and how much emotion T.I. put into it, this is one of those few times where T.I. pours the more sensative side of him out, and i don't think you ppl notice. So wut i want you to do is listen to the song, and really listen to the words. I think you'll find a side of tip that you aint used to.
  • BUY it.

    By Sean Taylor 36
    Live In The Sky is a good song buy it.I have it. I got it on the first day it came out.
  • ??

    By wuts ur nem
    why does itunes get this old video and not the new TOP BACK REMIX WE WANT THE VIDEO TOP BACK REMIX!!!!!!!!
  • T.I. is the KING !!!!

    By T!pPy
    This is such a great video ! I'm a feen for T.I. and I think ALLLLL of his music is great but i'm madly in Love with this song. And Jamie Foxx kills it !!! He is another artist who is EXTREMELY talented !... iTunes please get the video "Top Back Remix" ! That would make me and all my T.I. Fan friends SO HAPPY !
  • Great Video Need More T.I.!!!!!

    By IceCreamJumpman?!
    I Love this video, tow big stars in the business today T.I.P. & Jamie, Its funny i like the video more than i like the song. But we need more T.I. like "Why You Wanna" "Front Back"!

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