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Music Video


  • WoW.........

    By Jeeterville
    WoW......... thank you my friends... I will always be grateful...- Peace&lovegw, your friend , George
  • Wonderful!

    By mrmarkdc
    As a life long Beatles fan, this song instantly took me back to my youth... Very emotional for me to listen to. Thank you, so much, for this last song! It was so good to hear John again...
  • Thank You, Beatles Family!!!

    By Scott from Lincolnton, NC
    This song obviously took a lot of effort and work to make it what it is today for people all over the world to enjoy. To me, I feel sad but also happy at the same time. Happy to see and hear one more song from my favorite band of all time. Sad that it is like good-bye and thank you from each of them for the memories and all that they got to share with each other and with the rest of us in the world…past and present. This group of marvelously talented musicians that I’ve enjoyed listening to all my life thought enough to share this work with the world to enjoy. Thank you Yoko, Sean, Paul, Ringo and to each and every person that made this song and video possible!
  • Long version?

    By nk63