Pillow Talking (feat. Brain)

Lil Dicky

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2017-04-12
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 10:53

Music Video


  • Hilarious

    By Lesser m
    For those that can relate I guess
  • Bad

    By Drayko89
    Bad all he just do is talk
  • Brain is <3

    By penguinmooquack
    When you hear a song, you usually picture what they're going to do with the music video. Most of the time it turns out not at all how you think it is. But not Lil Dicky. I've waited so long for this video and it is perfect! Exactly how I imagined it, but better! Brain is love. Keep it up guys 👏🙌😸 #notabrainemoji
  • Creative

    By purpleopple
    So awesome
  • Pillow Talking NOT Pillowtalk

    By Slim_jim99
    To the person who thinks he took it from Zayn, Lil Dicky had this on his album in July 2015 and Zayn released his track later that year with the album releasing in March 2016. Do your research smh get out of here. This song is dope as hell btw

    By And868
    Has no one noticed how it practically the same name as ZAYN's song PILLOWTALK?? I call copyright claim!
  • LD

    By Palupe
  • Lil Dicky is God

    By atvmik
    Such a creative rapper, so unique, and extremely funny. Best music video I've ever seen because this is more than just a music video is it art from a god. 17 stars.
  • Love this video

    By Mmmliz
    Don't neglect the brain
  • Such an amazing video!

    By Josh_Carver
    I've loved this song for awhile & to see it come to life with this video is just amazing!!! Best video I've seen for any song of any genre ..