Imagine Dragons

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2017-04-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:36

Music Video


  • great

    By coolesttttttt music
    awesome awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!!!!
  • @imagine dragons biggest fan!

    By Jainaellis
    I love ID. I’ve memorized every song they’ve put out since 2009, and a few from 2008’s old lineup. I would NOT like to meet Dan, though. At least not with a reason for divorcing Aja. I have all three albums, but I lack four songs to complete Night Visions Deluxe, though. I’m DYING to buy “Selene”. I also lack “Next To Me”, which was added (I don’t even know) to Evolve later. And I wish they’d put out their old stuff, beginning with 2009, which was their true rock age. Anyone reading this, after listening to this awesome song, go listen to all of Imagine Dragons’s music. And when you’re done, go check out ATLAS by The Score. They’re a lot like Imagine Dragons and need publicity. Thanks for reading my rambling review! I almost always write long reviews for some reason…
  • Imagine dragons is....

    By Imaginedragonsfanbiggestfan!
    Amazing! Wonderful! Dan has a really good voice and the music is perfect! This song is really famous, but if people listen to the rest of their music, they will know how good all their songs are! Oh, and Dan, if your reading this, just know, I really want to meet you, and I really want all your albums sooo, donations donations! Nah I’m just kidding!
  • The dragons are back in action!

    By Missy L. Halfmann
    That’s all I can say 🐉.
  • Believer is awesome

    By defsbsja
    they know da wae and this is the best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes

    By lucky tuba |-/
    They’re back
  • LOVE IT 😍

    By kadyque153
    I'm so glad they are back!!!
  • Good video, good song

    By Swagreninja
    It's too bad the rest of the album wasn't like this.
  • Amazing

    By Leah Scheiner
    kinda scary, but an amazing song. i still personally think whatever it takes is the best song in the album, but this one is nico di angelo's theme song, so i love it. Also, this is now a personal joke btwn me and my friends. We just stop whatever we're doing, throw our heads back, and scream "PAIN!"😆we scared the living heck out of my mom when we did it at 4 am😅

    By DJKhlaedFan27
    Best Imagine Dragons song EVER!!!!!!!!

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