Better Man

Little Big Town

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2016-11-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:53

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  • Very much so

    By Cyntnia88888
    Can’t trust him ever anymore he is a a looser man than hurts people over and over again gain
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    By T.s.z
    the lyrics is amaziiiing
  • Beautiful!!

    By Eliza |-/
    Ok, I admit, I'm not big into country music. However, I'm a big Taylor Swift fan. I heard Taylor wrote this song and I just had to take a listen and once I did, I loved it. This song has such a deep, emotional meaning with gorgeous lyrics and melodies. This song and video is so beautiful and will definitely strike a chord in your heart.
  • Worst song ever!

    By Doing Geometry
    Do you people even hear the lyrics!? She's being all cold singing about breaking up with someone because they weren't a better man. Excuse me, lady? You're a WOMAN! You have a lot of nerve acting like you know this stuff. I bet you actually broke up with the guy for someone else because 'someone else' was better! You cold hearted hag! If this man loved you 'even just a little bit', you would've done more than 'break' his heart. No REAL MEN, would want a heartless girl like your song. Listen lady, since I'm a guy, here's what makes 'a better woman', 1. Beautiful inside and out (notice 'inside' comes first) 2. God-fearing (REAL men like that kinda girl you meet behind the doors of a church) 3. Modesty (dressing like a floosey to break someone's heart!? Are you kidding me!?) Next time list some reasons. Don't just say I wish you were better, but you're not, so... I'm leaving you. Write a sad song! Not a heart-achingly frustrating! This song is too painful to hear! And you have to nerve to make it UPBEAT!? I'm disappointed.
  • better man

    By btiful1210
    this song does hit home with my past. every word is the truth!!!! I loved him so much it still hurts.still think of him everday.
  • Song Hits Deep

    By bigal1125
    i threw away something that i should have never done.. i was a fool... i now miss someone terribly and this song is a reminder to me i should have been a better man. This song was wrriten for me. wow...
  • Emotional

    By Msm12281966
    This is Taylor Swift songwriting at it's best and Little Big Town knocked it out of the park with their performance.. This song hits very close to home for me when I hear it and makes me wonder if I could have saved my marriage and family if I was a better man.
  • Love this song!!

    By Blog Butterfly
    Awesome song

    i love this song!!!!! Its amazing!!! Boy does it hit home from my past! Little big town, I love y’all! AND Taylor Swift wrote this amazing song!
  • Most Captivating Video Yet!

    By 9899
    So much emotion, amazing!

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