Bitch I'm Madonna (feat. Nicki Minaj)


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2015-06-24
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:03

Music Video


  • queen

    By Andy M2015
  • y

    By ougonoir
    who is she
  • nope 😖

    By the kid who reviewed it
    she needs to stop
  • Ew

    By JadeA.1001
    Ew if you like this video or song then I'm guessing your a liberal
  • Since when was age an issue...?

    Madonna made good catchy pop songs this time around with her rebel heart album but she got completely ignored by pop radio because she's too old? I'm pretty sure she's the only one out there that's doing what she's doing. She's the only one out there that's been around as long as she has and is trying her damnedest and radio stations will NOT EVEN GIVE HER SONGS A CHANCE. No other song out there is better than "Living For Love." Not one. And now we're just going to let this an artist of her stature's career end, just like that? This is what is one thing wrong with the world right now. Great video by the way, Madge. The cameos were genius.
  • Love her or hate her. Either way, You’re thinking of her!

    By Rino The Bouncer
    Once again, this woman tells the world “I will not stop, whether you like it or not. I will not change just because somebody else thinks I should”. And quite honestly, I agree with her, wholeheartedly. She’s old? she’s not “acting her age”? you don’t like her music? well so what? change the channel. She doesn’t have to retire so you feel better about yourself. This song is not my favorite track on the album and the video is good, but I prefer Ghosttown. However, the message she gives is that she’s Madonna and she’s not stopping just because you don’t like what she’s doing and that it’s a fact that she paved away for the celebrities in her video and many more singers who didn’t show up her. And for that, we can do nothing but congratulate her. She’s the richest entertainer in the world for a reason. And it will take others so much time and hard work to catch up with what she did. She doesn’t have few massive world hits nor one or two successful albums that grossed so many awards, she has a whole history. She has three decades. She has not only success but longevity and that’s the tricky part. Every one can succeed with a hit or two at some point, but to maintain that for over 30 years is the greatest challenge of all.
  • The Queen

    By Deanopolis
    Love this chick so much!
  • What the hell???

    By Muahhh💖💋
    Even with all the celebrity cameos, it's still terrible ! Love madonna she's the queen ,but this no !
  • Loooove it(:

    By Chriissssss
    She is amazing & I love this song and video,don't see why people are hating on the woman for being who she is? Hate is wrong & needs to stop. Great track💜💜👏✨
  • Love love Love ! 5 stars

    By Real time critic
    If you watched, you're still a fan. You're still talking about her Great fun energetic summer song and video !

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