How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful - Florence + The Machine

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

Florence + The Machine

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2015-06-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2015 Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited


Title Artist Time
Ship To Wreck Florence + The Machine 3:54 USD 1.29
What Kind of Man Florence + The Machine 3:36 USD 1.29
How Big, How Blue, How Beautif Florence + The Machine 5:34 USD 1.29
Queen of Peace Florence + The Machine 5:07 USD 1.29
Various Storms & Saints Florence + The Machine 4:09 USD 1.29
Delilah Florence + The Machine 4:53 USD 1.29
Long & Lost Florence + The Machine 3:15 USD 1.29
Caught Florence + The Machine 4:24 USD 1.29
Third Eye Florence + The Machine 4:20 USD 1.29
St Jude Florence + The Machine 3:45 USD 1.29
Mother Florence + The Machine 5:49 USD 1.29


  • Great Album

    By Cedric1010
    One of the top 10 albums of my short lifetime. I love the electric feeling and the intensity of this album. The ending part of the song Of "HOW BIG HOW BLUE HOW BEAUTIFUL " it's so moving. Love you Florence + The Machine.
  • Music Speaks the Truth

    By Most Honestly
    I recently purchased this album on vinyl and absolutely adore this album, along with her other albums. Personally, I adore her style in music. When I am realign or laying down to go to sleep I started to put this album on to help relax and it helps. Even when I'm writing a paper or doing whatever around the house, or even driving, I will put on Ship To Wreck and Third Eye to sing along with. Overall, this album is both relaxing and something to listen to when you want to sing along when you're by yourself. Highly Recommend.
  • 3rd BEST FROM F&TM

    By Sangron
    This album is good. It's the 3rd best from Florence & The Machine. "Ceremonials" is 2nd best and "Lungs" is the best F&TM album (so far). "How Big..." is missing the edge that made the first two albums unique to the point they sucked you in and wouldn't let go. This new album is a bit commercial. Missing are the tribal sounds and percussion that gave F&TM a powerful sound that just blows you away. Although this new album somewhat disappoints, I'm looking forward to seeing F&TM live in Phoenix in October. Hopefully, they'll have more tracks from the first two albums on the set list.
  • A sound I haven't heard in years!

    By adventuremd
    It's as if someone took Kate Bush, Roxy Music, 10000 Maniacs, Cowboy Junkies, and a little bit of the Cranberries, added some new sounds, and gave them new powerful and graceful lyrics. They are so original, but I still hear the sounds I heard long ago in my youth - familiar and new all at the same time! They take me to places in my mind that I used to go when I was in college, listening to vinyl albums with my headphones on. Amazing! It seems like I have waited to hear this for so long!
  • WICKED👌🏻💥

    By Kendrick.B2020
    I CAN'T STOP JAMMING OUT!!!! You are very talented😃!
  • There is a lot of gold in this album

    By pdporter
    If you want a full music experience this album will provide it. Though the songs don't link with each other very well, there is some absolute gold within the album. Various Storms & Saints is a masterpiece of a song, lyrically and musically. What Kind of Man and Queen of Peace are both lyrically outstanding with wonderful storytelling elements. The back end of the album provides some beautifully powerful songs as well with St. Jude and Mother being two standouts. If you are an old fan of Florence + The Machine, you have likely already purchased this. For everyone else: if you enjoy artists like Hozier and Ed Sheeran, you might want to look at stepping up to Florence +The Machine.
  • Magnificent breathe

    By Фак12343224566
    It's so cool.Florence can do everything with her voice
  • It's missing something

    By Pinkhawke
    A lot of the songs lack a catchy hook and it's missing the charm the other albums had. I really love Flo, but this album is just dissapointing.
  • Brilliant!!

    By roonster1
    No doubt this is one tight band and one hell of a vocal superstar. Lyrics, vocals and the range of tracks is terrific! From beginning to end there's not one tune I would dismiss. Brilliant!
  • A MUST HAVE. NEVER seizes to amaze me!!

    By Ceasar23
    What a breath of fresh air. Always at her best.

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