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  • No need singer, only melodies.

    By rageworx
    I know this band from Sarah Longfield. And now I listening this bands EPs. Lovely memodies, no need to remember lyrics. Great songs!
  • Awesome!

    By Justin cosmo
    Love every song
  • Best album to date!

    By blackmarket86
    I've listened to Angel since Revelations, and I will say his progression is amazing! I felt this album showcased everything a guitarist should strive to do, which is to truely SPEAK with the guitar. Not only can he shred with amazing accuracy, but he then leads you into some of the best hooks I have heard on a guitar. I'm no expert, but I'm just one of those freaks that delve deep into guitarwork. Keep it coming Vivaldi!!
  • Must have

    By Dissapointedzombie killer
    Great cd and this is a must have for every guitar player and modern metal fan. This is how it's done
  • incredible !!!!

    By plegacy
    this is so good!! and i cant wait for part2!!!
  • Bar Raiser!

    By Huge Fan 71
    The songwriting, the production quality, and performances by everyone make this a must have!
  • Fantastic

    By Sgt Amazing
    Guitar virtuosos are hit or miss. In Angel Vivaldi's case, very much a hit. Finding one that can blend technicality and blindingly fast arpeggios with fantastic melodies and wonderful songwriting built with plenty of emotions is rare. Angel proves you don't need to play fast to sound amazing, but can still melt faces while maintaining beauty in his songs. He can do everything and sound great doing it.
  • Valkyrie Vivaldi

    By P1L9R1M
    I hope this review reaches you mortals in time. Upon listening to this onslaught of instrumental elegance, my body was shredded, and my soul sundered. I have been carried to the Metal Halls of Valhalla where I will live out my days battling my foes while the Valkyries play this song, luring even more to the harmonious halls above.
  • awesome!

    By Jon_Sloth
    every album has a wonderful song made me to buy!
  • The Vivaldi of Guitar

    By Tsarjack
    I have seen this guys work ever since the speed of dark and I thought Universal Language would be his best work. I was clearly proven wrong, Angel you have inspired me to pick up a guitar and your are my all time favorite guitarist. Every note has depth and feeling and your precision is impeccable. I would urge you to come to Dallas to play a show, I would love to see you live and hopefully get an autograph and talk a little. Great Album!