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  • So majestic

    By Superfly834782176374
    I could fall asleep anytime that's on
  • Best sounds of nature!

    By Maxintaft
    I don't normally buy stuff like this, but I needed something to help drown out background noise while sleeping or reading. I looked at TONS of albums on the iTunes store before I found this one and this was the only one that has water sounds that sounded real! In the others the water sounds fake, too loud, or too sharp to be relaxing. The tracks on this album are great and sound like someone actually took time to get HIGH QUALITY recordings of nature that make you feel like you are there, not like some of them that sound like someone took a hand-held cassette recorder and ran down the beach to record the sound of waves!
  • Great

    By soundofmadnessissooohood
    Cannot use 2 sleep..... Makes me dream of bigfoot ;...(
  • Relaxing Sounds of Nature

    By Illimini
    This album is helping me sleep during a trying time of stress in my life. I am thankful for its naturalness and quality. It really is fantastic as is the other Relaxing Sounds of Nature Album.
  • Relaxing Sounds Of Nature

    By Relax+
    Making me feel very nice! Look my reviews for a very nice relax! Excellent!
  • awesome

    By abbylovesGOD13
    this is really good! i was looking for an album i could wake up to, fall sleep to and read to. This is it !!
  • Sleep the night on the lake

    By hannahmileyfan11
    This album is great, but I mostly reccommend the night on the lake! I fall asleep almost 30 seconds after I turn on my iPod with it!
  • i really like it

    By Anemrac947
    i really like babbling brook, ocean, waterfall, and thunder / rain they are all really relaxing
  • Very Relaxing

    By MusicCEO
    This is a great album for just simply relaxing. The sound quality is great but there is no music. However if your looking for music try Shane Isenberg's song Vacation. It has ocean waves with nice acoustic guitar.
  • Too many bugs

    By Krissa
    Yo -- enough with the bugs already! I bought this to play in my baby's room at night, and she's down with it but her room is next to my room and the bug sounds get pretty tiresome after a while, esp. in the Night On the Lake (my husband's fave) and Babbling Brook (what is that meowing kitten sound in that one? Every time, I think my cat is outside the window, wanting in. NOT very relaxing!) I think the Winds and the Ocean go pretty easy on the bugs but they got the periodic loud squawking bird action. I keep thinking it's my daughter squawkin' and it wakes me up. Thunder/Rain WOULD be my favorite but it needs more rain and, again, less bugs. All in all, this is pretty good, and as I've said my three month old is not noticably bothered by it so I'll keep listening.