Diamonds from Sierra Leone - Single - Kanye West

Diamonds from Sierra Leone - Single

Kanye West

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2005-01-01
  • Explicitness: cleaned
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

  • ℗ 2005 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC


Title Artist Time
Diamonds from Sierra Leone Kanye West 4:00 USD 1.29


  • its aight...

    By speedysloth777
    i think it is a pretty good song especially the intro but i have heard better from Kanye...
  • "GASP!!!"

    By combnint
    "!" I've been looking for the epitome of hypocrisy, geez. Finally, its about time someone rapped about how horrible the Diamond industry is; procuring an understanding of acerbity in commodities, which conducts fratricides and deaths beyond our rudimental counting aptitude. Say yes if you believe KANYE HAS NO UNDERSTANDING OF BLOOD DIAMONDS, the nerve of this guy. Making money off of idiots who believe, ". . . He is very outspoken and is identifying the many issues of the common world today." sigh... whoever buys this for its notion of caring for people..
  • amazing

    By jimmypageisawesome
    i've only started being a fan of Kanye recently, but i've really been impressed. When i first heard this song i couldn't stop thinking of this conflict. And I've also seen the movie, everyone who hasn't seen The Blood Diamond should go out and see it. this is an amazing single.
  • Blood Diamonds of Sierra Leone

    By EbCh78
    Kanye has done it once again. It will make you wonder if the diamonds that you wear are conflicted or legitimate. It is good to see more and more rap artist getting into Christ and politics instead of talking about nonsense of the things they rent for a video shoot and not even live half of the life they portrayed.
  • iLike

    By baaah
    nice sample from the bond theme.
  • it's the Sh**

    By macking718
    you must listen to the word's that he says and the beat makes it better
  • Kanye West

    By Grahamcracker191
    Kanye West has always been an artist to care more about love, sex, violence, and drugs. This song is amazing!
  • Diamonds are Forever

    By Jmz The Greek
    Great song, however the bonus track I downloaded has a 30 second delay before it starts to play. I thought it would be better since it's 4:27 and the original is 4:02, but dead air for 30 seconds makes it uncool. Wasted $0.99. Stick with the original.
  • Diamonds from Sierra Leone

    By 111anonymous111
    This is a good song and it is about a current issue. Right now I am doing a history project about Blood Diamonds, or conflict diamonds and this sond addresses almost all of the issues connected with them. I love that Kayne West realized that this was a big problem and thought of a creative way to address it. This song is very powerful and has alot of meaning. A great song!
  • Regarding problem with lead in:

    By charlesm
    I also had the problem where the music did not start until 30 seconds into the song. This was on the version from the album (bonus track). I do not know if it applies to this version, although it may not because this is version 25 seconds shorter than mine. You can remedy this by right clicking on the song in your library and selecting "Get Info". Then click the "Options" tab. You will see a box that says "Start Time". You may change the time so that the song starts when the music starts and you don't get the blank time when you play the file.

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