Michael Jackson Interview by John Pidgeon (January, 1980) - Michael Jackson & John Pidgeon

Michael Jackson Interview by John Pidgeon (January, 1980)

Michael Jackson & John Pidgeon

  • Genre: Spoken Word
  • Release Date: 2009-08-10
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

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Title Artist Time
Michael Jackson Interview by J Michael Jackson & John Pidgeon 35:32 USD Album Only


  • Gone too soon !!!!

    By Itunesxyz
    king of music's voice and words....No one elses!!!! Love you Michael
  • Great!!!

    By MJJFanAlways
    I think this is awesome I remember hearing about this interview, i even read a transcript but i never actually got to hear Michael's voice, now i can and i love it, as others on here said his voice was the most soothing calm voice and i love to sit here and listen to it, I hate that for some this interview is clouded by the fact he had Janet ask him the questions & so people call that weird, growing up like Michael did i just feel he was very shy even to the point where it was hard to talk to strangers, if he felt more comfortable at that point letting Janet ask him instead of John Pidgeon then so be it, it didnt seem as if John had a problem with it so why should anyone else. anyway I miss Michael this is an amazing thing to listen to, to hear him again and hear him in his own words :)
  • Mjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    By Kodaxmas
    Amazzzzzzzing............I love Michael!!
  • Glad to have this!

    By Papa Maestro
    This is a great collector's item for Jackson fans. In his own words, Michael talks about the time he and his brothers spent at Motown as well as the progression to his "Off the Wall" success and is suprisingly open. Unfortunately, the weirdness that would overshadow his work post-Thriller and Victory rears its head in that he doesn't allow John Pidgeon to question him directly. Instead, MJ has the interviewer ask his questions to little sister Janet who then repeats the question. Granted, this makes this recording even more of a treat to Jackson family fans, but it's odd and comes off as pretentious to me, even as Mike is trying to appear humble. Perhaps this is honestly shyness on MJ's part, but in light of his final tragic fate, I wish he had faced whatever demons drove him to such strange behavior and affectations. Love you, Mike. Miss you forever.
  • 40 of 44

    By Lolzz, bombbb!!!!
    40 out of 44 albums or interviews are rated 5 star! He has such a calm voice-I will ALWAYS love you, MJ !
  • No fake here

    By Annie337312
    this was a great interview. Michael talked about his life from childhood, how his schedule could be, and his real feelings. out of some of the stuff found on michael on here, this one's a good interview. I even laughed at some parts. =)
  • r.i.p. mj

    By musicislife~
    probably the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. I love mj now and forever his voice is so wonderful.
  • patheticly obbsesesed your right

    By MrBill0327
  • The King is gone but not forgotten

    By black n grey
    There will never be another MJ. When God created him he spent seven days without a break RIP.
  • I love his voice

    By LA_Fabulous
    This Audiobook is a must have. MJ's voice is so beautiful. This is like the Living With MJ Document. That just comes up to mind when listening this recording.

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