It's About Time - Too $hort

It's About Time

Too $hort

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2003-01-01
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 18

  • ℗ 2003 75 GIRLS/ RIOT RECORDS


Title Artist Time
Invasion of the Flat Bootie Bi Too $hort 5:08 USD 0.99
She's a B. Too $hort 9:50 USD 0.99
B. S**ks D. Too $hort 6:30 USD 0.99
BJ Betty Too $hort 5:43 USD 0.99
Short Side Too $hort 6:22 USD 0.99
Playboy Short Too $hort 9:23 USD 0.99
From Here to New York Too $hort 6:08 USD 0.99
Girl (That's Your Life) Too $hort 8:57 USD 0.99
Coke Dealers Too $hort 6:49 USD 0.99
Female Funk Too $hort 5:28 USD 0.99
Oakland, California Too $hort 6:49 USD 0.99
Don't Stop Rappin' Too $hort 9:27 USD 0.99
Shortrapp Too $hort 7:09 USD 0.99
Wild Wild West Too $hort 7:03 USD 0.99
Every Time Too $hort 5:00 USD 0.99
Dance (Don't Geek) Too $hort 5:53 USD 0.99
Don't Ever Stop Too $hort 6:32 USD 0.99
Players Too $hort 6:58 USD 0.99


  • this is old skoo at its best

    By lok-nut
    @diva u must be 14 yrs old and from the east coast. now what i been tryin to find is more of other artists like fatha dom 11-5 and others from the late 80's and early to mid 90's that really had their game on lock and stuck to their hu$tle n nevr sold out like 50 and other new age studio rappers that aint never had to hustle on the block to get to where they at now. as for this compilation its great and has too $horts best from the early years so if u into the real ol skoo or from the bay this is a must on yer ipod. as for me im east oakland o the fullest 3800 hundred block n foothill. GAME RECOGNIZE GAME YA DIG.
  • Amazing

    By Big Blaine
    This dude was dropping hits when I was a kid. I'm 34 now. He still in te game. This compelation is the s$#*t
  • Too $heezy

    By Doug Chew Chew
    If you aint from the town and know how it all began,then you dont and never will! Shortdogg is the one and only real playa to put the town on the map, He kept all of the towns influences in his music. On every song he has done his references to "Sunnyside"Starwires and Vogues"The Bay Bridge" It has proven that he is numero uno in reppin the Bay! AND it is true to be said about E40! We love our Bay and we will always be loyal to the true rappers the rep the bay and keep it in the bay! one love! RIP MAC Dre. There aint nowhere better to be than the Yay Area! 415,510,925,408,650,209,707 FOR LIFE!
  • This was confusing at first

    By Flagship
    Then I realized that these are the old tracks that he used to sell on telegraph avenue. he used to sell these cassette tapes with only the name dangerous music on it. Its cool that he decided to put this out on iTunes. This is classic stuff from way back. The early days of hip hop. I mean 83', 84'. After he sold enough tapes he went out and bought some better studio equipment and a new microphone. The result was the classic album Born To Mack. That album is timeless and the music sounds so funky and gritty. Short was at the top on his game on that album and his mellow flow was finally fully developed.
  • He is Playboy $hort

    By m81
    Too Short is the original pimp, he is the only rapper till this day that keeps it real in the pimp game, and i've been listening to him since the late 80's and early 90's he's all about keeping it real for the ghetto. I like how 50 cent raps, but what i dont like about him is that he just another 2pac wanna be. He always mentions 2pac name, but 50 cent will never be 2pac, or too short. So dont hate too short congratulate, for a long carrer that he made hustling from the ground up. Now thats what you call Original hip hop.
  • Playboy Too

    By WurmHouse
    I remember hiding in the garage with a cassette player in tha late 80's listening to ShortDogg so my moms wouldn't catch me. His is the originator of that "Pimpin" style rap. He is still on top if you ask me. With out short, you would never have heard that famous word. Biiiiiatch! DONT STOP RAPPIN' ...
  • Diva needs to get a grip !!!!!!!!!!

    By All_I_have_to_do_is_kill_her
    While not his best, Too Short is still a Pimp !!!!!!!!!!! Dive, you need to check out the roots like NWA, Public Enemy, Too Short, Run DMC, Ganstarr, Erik B and Rakim, Ice-T, Above the law. QWuit listening to that second generation suburban relapse spin off 50 cent and check out the real hip hop
  • from the heart

    By gypsiet70
    i was talking with my girls today about the history of rap - too short came on the radio - took me back to the old (true) old school days - agree that too short put the bay on the map - being from Utah and listening to him some 18 years ago was unheard of - i'm glad he's back - he's always spoke from the heart - you feel his words -
  • Divas Trippn

    By The Bay Kid
    How are you going to compare Too $hort to 50 Cent Too $hort put the bay on the map what did 50 Cent do.
  • is this for real?

    By Diva
    ARE YOU SERIOUS?? its like a little 2 year old rapping-only then it would be cute.but now it's jsut pathetic. pleeeeeease. stick with 50 cent,not this looser too short

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