Shadow of the Day - Single - LINKIN PARK

Shadow of the Day - Single


  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2007-05-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 2

  • ℗ 2007 Warner Records Inc.


Title Artist Time
Shadow of the Day LINKIN PARK 4:17 USD 1.99
Shadow of the Day (Making of t LINKIN PARK 3:01 USD Album Only


  • Good

    By Snapps97
    I think this song Is good and I watch the music video and it was a good relative go #### yourselves haters
  • Babies

    By TM.Mordred
    Song: "Shadow of the Day" was the lead single from Linkin Park's 2007 album "Minutes to Midnight", and was a good choice. Soaring strings and vocals are backed by a soft drum beat recalling, but not ripped off from, U2's "With or Without You". Perhaps the best part of the song is its ending, which would not sound out of place in the end of an excellent movie. On the album version, it fades into the intro to "What I've Done". Video: The video for the song a brilliant portrayal of an uprising for freedom. The time on Chester's alarm clock reads 11:55, the song is four minutes long, meaning that the song would end at 11:59. An astonishing reference to the album title. Reviewers: All of you are HATERS in their purest form. You call yourselves "true LP fans", and when their new song comes out, you all start whining like little kids that want a toy. If they make an album with the same sound as before, YOU COMPLAIN. If they make an album with a different sound than before, YOU COMPLAIN. If you were REAL LP fans, you would support them regardless of their sound. If you want to hear more music like Meteora and Hybrid Theory, then GO LISTEN TO METEORA AND HYBRID THEORY! DON'T COME CRYING TO US! And if you're so great at playing music that you feel like you can tell Linkin Park how to play, then PLAY THEIR OLD STUFF YOURSELF! AGAIN, DON'T COME CRYING TO US! JUST GO TO YOUR ROOM, GO TO THE CORNER, CURL UP IN FETAL POSITION, BLAST METEORA THROUGH YOUR HEADPHONES, AND WHINE TO YOURSELF INSTEAD OF US! If you were kind enough to give this song a good rating, then you obviously are not a hater. :) Click "Yes" if you read this review, liked the song, liked the video, and/or hate these haters.
  • Loving the new LP :P

    By LinkinPark44
    I have loved Linkin Park from the very beginning and I still love them. I don't see why people keep saying to go back to the old stuff. I love the old albums but I also love the new ones. A band needs to evolve to continue and I love the direction they are headed in. LP is my favorite band. Was true then, is true now.
  • LP

    By Shadows&Light2009
    All in all, Shadow Of The Day is a great song in which some find it impossible to understand that Linkin Park had taken a new direction from there Nu Metal, Rap Style so far I found this album to be to my favorite i alone had all the albums.
  • good song

    By jmidnight
    i like linkin parks new style. i know alot of people dont, but minutes to midnight just shows what there really capable of. this song is one of there best songs yet! i know alot people will not like it, BUT MORE PEOPLE WILL LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • shadow if the day LP

    By Quippy
    this song is great. I have all the albums except this one and really all the songs, so my rating is generally based on the band not the video, but nevertheless... this song and its video is great and whomever says that linkin park has changed is completely incorrect, so if you stopped listening to them because you think they "changed" give it a rest. give them a break a great band and a great lead singer deserve it. half of those people saying that they arent listening to them anymore dont even know their backround, such as their old name or the other bands the guys have been with. so take that haters:)

    By D-J Ross
    One of the more commercially accessable songs Linkin Park has ever done, but very similiar sounding to U2's "With Or Without You."
  • Ew...

    By Some kid who likes WBCC
    This is a load of poppy crap. Linkin Park is dead. I would cry, but I'm not emo like all those kids that listen to them now.Maybe by some miracle Linkin Park will put out some nu-metally stuff that doesn't criticize the government and is halfway decent. Cuz you know, only posers criticize the government in their music.
  • Aweful

    By 419buckeye
    I'm a HUGE LP fan and always will be, but the song is just way too slow and weak. If I didn't know it was Linkin Park that made this song I would say this is emo. This is absolutly THE WORST SONG BY LP only tied with in between. I love the band and wish that they would return to their old music though.
  • not their best effort

    By Chipp man
    neat vid though but the song is an overplayed and boring song

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