Kathleen Madigan - Kathleen Madigan

Kathleen Madigan

Kathleen Madigan

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 1998-06-17
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 2006 Wildstone LLC


Title Artist Time
Star Search Kathleen Madigan 1:17 USD 0.99
Hookers Kathleen Madigan 1:11 USD 0.99
Oj Kathleen Madigan 4:54 USD 0.99
Smoking Kathleen Madigan 1:54 USD 0.99
Traveling Kathleen Madigan 4:20 USD 0.99
St. Louis Kathleen Madigan 2:34 USD 0.99
Natural Disasters Kathleen Madigan 4:02 USD 0.99
Gangs Kathleen Madigan 2:03 USD 0.99
My Parents Kathleen Madigan 4:02 USD 0.99
Kids Kathleen Madigan 4:45 USD 0.99
Ufo'S Kathleen Madigan 2:30 USD 0.99
Politics Kathleen Madigan 3:54 USD 0.99
Religion Kathleen Madigan 3:45 USD 0.99
Thank You, Goodnight & Please Kathleen Madigan 0:19 USD 0.99


  • Skip this one

    By Psionic1313
    Better to buy other 3 albums, duplicate material and iffy volume level. Especially if you tend to listen to multiple albums. The lower volume recording on this requires adjustment if you don't want to be doing volume adjustments between her albums.
  • Oh my gosh!!!!!

    By Elebia
    She's super funny!
  • Kathleen Madigan is FUNNY!

    By GMPToons
    This CD contains some of the funniest stuff I've ever heard in my life. I have been listening non-stop. Kudos, Kathleen! You a very, very, VERY funny lady Miss Madigan!!!
  • Lots of duplication

    By TXinD76121
    If you're a big fan (I am), be careful if you already have her other albums, because almost everything here is also on the other albums. There's especially a lot of duplications with "Shallow"--it's essentially the same set. Nothing against either album but you don't need both.
  • Kathleen is the funniest by far . . .

    By BriarDan
    I've been a fan of Kathleen Madigan since I saw her on Ladies of the Night comedy special a long time ago. It's been so long I'm not entirely sure if that was the name of the special or not. It was also the first time I heard Ellen Degeneres do her bit where she called God to ask about fleas. Kathleen stole that special IMO. I've been a devoted fan ever since. She is funny, her stuff is original. I especially like that it's not all wrapped around getting laid, finding a man, sex sex sex . . . I'm not saying she's a prude or anything. Maybe I'm the prude LOL. She is just funny and you can tell it comes very natural to her to find humor in everything. I have two of her CDs on my MP3 player along with some music. I have the MP3 player set to shuffle and inbetween songs comes one of Kathleen Madigan's bits and then music will play again. It's a lot of fun to be working and listening to music and suddenly I'm cracking up. Makes other's around me nervous but oh well . . . LOL
  • kathleen Madigan

    By cedene77
    She is very funny and has a wide range of subjects. she doesn't focus on marraige and kids like many comics.

    By dukebd
    Good Album (funny)
  • Finally!

    By Eric1616
    I heared some of these tracks before, and couldn't find this album. I love Kathleen Madigan, she is one of the most funniest comedians I have ever heared. Five stars!!!!!
  • She is such a good comedian!

    By Pinky15
    I love Kathleen Madigan. She's the best. The observations she makes are hilarious and just the way she views everything is funny!

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