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    By D. Gaillard
    Beyonce rises to the occasion once again!!! Can take the girl out the country but can’t take the country out the girl!!!
  • 😂😂😂

    By bpax8989
    27 tracks of shallow garbage. Could it be anymore lackluster? Yikes.
  • Beast

    By Shontise
    I loooooivvvvveeeeee it🙌🏾
  • overall review

    By egg farm compony
    despite having over all a great feel to the songs with decent beats and a amazing voice many will say its “fake country” or “pop country”.its very modern style can be very degrading for many people. when we look at many of the songs despite overall sounding decent you can easily find annoying slips and cracks in the voice and unfortunately many toons that just don't work. also said by many people her songs tend to lack soul which is a big part of country.this overall album fells very foreign from any music category. sadly many of us will not take this album as country and we have a good case why
  • Terrible

    By ATLPtrk
    Horrible attempt at ripping off true country artists and profiting off of it. Can’t stand it and makes me really dislike Beyonce.
  • A soulless grab at a country album

    By MYadon
    Not really one song that you wrote on the album is country or anything that resembles it. By latching on to Dolly and the song Jolene you try can claim it as a country album. Nice try! Album is garbage, save your money!
  • Masterpiece

    By MGreen908
    It took me a few listens. It was a head scratcher at first. Then it hit me - ah! This is a work of Art, a masterpiece.
  • Look at that horse!

    By maeveverdegaal
    Buckkkknnn Like a mechanical bullll
  • Luv you Beyoncé

    By Akrgal
    You did amazing!!!! Luving “16 CARRIAGES” , “JOLENE” , and, “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM”!!!!! You are the best at all genres!!!!!! Don’t listen to the haters beautiful!!!!! We luv you!!!! Crazy in love with you! I am in luv with country so I think you can change completely to country if you want!!!! Don’t listen to the dumb “Swifties” who don’t know an eff about what theyre talking bout!!!! You go Bey!!! We all luv you
  • Soul and Substance

    By Just Charisss
    Richly melodic, substantial in message, perhaps it is beyond the limits of genre…or the unopened mind. This music is a tour of America driven by a woman with a remarkable family heritage and rooted in this country’s origins. Superb and meaningful.