Number One (feat. Kanye West) - Single - Pharrell Williams

Number One (feat. Kanye West) - Single

Pharrell Williams

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2006-06-20
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 2

  • ℗ 2006 Interscope Records


Title Artist Time
Number One Pharrell featuring Kanye West 4:03 USD 1.49


  • Cartoons can't make music

    By ajskdlfjasdklfjkl;sfasd
    This guy apparently is a cartoon because of the album cover how can a cartoon make music?
  • huh

    By b - back 40
    ridiculous garbage this stuff stinks dont buy it
  • True vibes we lack nowadays

    By dafu
    This song strives in clean beats with great lyrics. A sense of urban, modern, and culture seems to flourish from it. Great song, recommended to everyone.
  • Great duo

    By golfdude8000
    This is great, pharrell sometimes produces a lot better than he performs, but this is good. I don't think he coiud have done it without kanye, kanye really adds something to this.Defintely awesome.
  • number one: pharrell feat. kayne west

    By usfbull
    typical pharrell song..nothing new. somewhat boring. dissappointing.
  • good song!

    By jakehecker
    ,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very,,very, gangsta song!
  • Come'on. Are you all listening?

    By mikeybear32
    OK you can put together Jay-Z and Dr. Dre for a hit and get nothing, but you listen to it and belive it is good cause they are two of the best. Same thing here you hear it and belive it is good cause it is Kanye and Pharrell. Don't get me wrong i like their work. Clones was a 5 STAR and Collage Dropout was 5 stars, but this is 2 stars. 4-real!! I listen to it many times and i don't feel it.The video looks like they spent more money on the location and clothes than the work they put in the song. Ugly they can do alot better.
  • Amazing

    By acj00
    we all know how fly kanye is teamed up pharrel this is definetly a must buy for anybody who really likes good music!
  • Pharell & Kanye's Worst Beat to date...

    By IndieRockYo
    Okay I am reading all these reviews and thinking to myself, "are they listening to the same song I am?" Apparently so. This song is absolutely horrible. Crappy beat and Kanye is annoying on this track. I expected much, MUCH more from these two hitmakers.
  • Only good song on the album

    By bbice91
    I bought the album and the only song that is close to good is "Number One"... If Kanye wasn't in the song I don't think i would give it five stars though

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