Dee Gees / Hail Satin - Foo Fighters / Live - Foo Fighters

Dee Gees / Hail Satin - Foo Fighters / Live

Foo Fighters

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2021-07-19
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2021 Roswell Records, Inc., under exclusive license to RCA Records


Title Artist Time
You Should Be Dancing Dee Gees 3:52 USD 1.29
Night Fever Dee Gees 3:33 USD 1.29
Tragedy Dee Gees 4:47 USD 1.29
Shadow Dancing Dee Gees 4:15 USD 1.29
More Than A Woman Dee Gees 3:08 USD 1.29
Making A Fire Foo Fighters 4:12 USD 1.29
Shame Shame Foo Fighters 4:02 USD 1.29
Waiting On A War Foo Fighters 4:04 USD 1.29
No Son Of Mine Foo Fighters 3:25 USD 1.29
Cloudspotter Foo Fighters 3:43 USD 1.29


  • bad to worse

    This bad music that somehow sounds worse by a more talented band. Pull it from shelves and the internet and move on.
  • Lol

    By ninernation2013
    Trash album from a trash band what do you expect??!??
  • You “fans” need to lighten up

    By otterman
    To everyone trashing this as a betrayal, you need to open your mind and expand your musical horizons. If you know anything about Dave Grohl, you would know that he loves MUSIC, not just hard rock. This is not a betrayal of FF’s fans or rock music, it’s a tribute to a legendary band - whether you like them or not. DG/FF likely soaked up The Bee Gees at the same time as Queen, Rush, Zeppelin, and their other influences, whatever the genre. You may not like the music, but if you're trashing it as a sell-out or a lack of ideas or for not fitting in to that little hard rock box you built in your head for FF, you really have no clue about music. The reason I took off a star is because they didn’t take it all the way and do an entire album of Bee Gees songs. They have a great, deep catalog. I love when artists step out of their comfort zone and try something new and this is a great, well-done example. (Another is Sparks’ cover of “I Want To Hold Your Hand.” But if you hate this album, you’re gonna detest that version!)
  • Really, People? Not that bad

    By Alex Kuro
    First, after reading some of the more negative comments, I listened to the actual tracks, and found that many of the complainers were being as overly dramatic as I thought. As far as that music itself: while I do wish it had sounded more "Foo Fighters-ish", but still enjoyed the album. I don't know the story/reasoning for making this, but I added it to my workout playlist.
  • You Just Don’t Get

    By B.Casey
    Have you every tried to sing a Bee Gees song? I mean really tried. The Foo Fighters took on a challenged and delivered! Sure, it’s not the rocking your butt off, horns up and shake you head rock they normally give us, but instead, it’s a well done pseudo-rock/disco cover of songs these guys enjoy. You know, the same guys who had Rick Astley on stage singing Never Gonna Give you Up or even Big me from the early days. Give them a break and have some fun with them. The Foo’s always deliver and this time they were having some fun. I happened to enjoy it and sang right along. Seriously, after 2020 what where you expecting??? Thanks Guys, I’m still a fan!!!
  • The musical equivalent of becoming your parents

    By 8675309-igotit
    Don’t fight it , it’s inevitable. Just enjoy the ride
  • Bonjour, Como Sa Va?!

    By Lei Indiana
    They’re inanimate voice , is to perfect & make oblique base tone, & magnifies the reliance to make their sound, effective & tuned in to persuade the motivation, their own reference is “Be Brave, In Tone”, it’s very experimental & defends any stance of how they handle life, I fully support them in any endeavor.
  • On the fence!

    By Gra-He 70
    Somedays I like it and other days I'm not so sure. I believe this is a tongue in cheek attempt just to have fun which we all could use. I would have liked to have heard a little more creativity in the arrangements . The Bee Gees are absolutely one of the best songwriters of our time so maybe some people will rediscover them. I do like the live versions of the last 5 songs. Listen to it but no permanent download!
  • Befuddled

    By Zxnum
    Not bad, not good, but not worth the price.
  • Szsuosxghoslebottktit

    By frmaltw

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