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  • Powerful!

    By nAuTiLuSrOcKzZ
    What an amazing album! 🤩
  • Daisy_32

    By Daisy_Christian32
    Amazing!!!!!!! One of my favorite albums yet!!!
  • God -Inspired to reach the Nations!

    By Phipp 4:13
    Every song just blows me out of the water and touches me deep in the inner core of my being . I wake up with a medley of one of the songs in my head every day. The lyrics are on repeat! Every day it’s another song which God brings to my mind . This is more than a sing Sunday morning type of worship CD. I am saying these songs will grab onto your heart and change the way you view God and your personal relationship with him. Thank you Pastor Steven, Chris Brown ,Brandon Lake, Chandler Moore, Maverick City, and all the worship teams involved. You all have raised the roof on this project! To the glory of God!🙌

    By kyky mcKaskey
    All of my family and me are christian and I go to a christian school and hang out with christian friends and when my class was doing music on zoom I said “I got a great sabbath song for our concert”and guess what it was...THE FIRST SONG ON THIS ALBUM. After that I was reading these reviews and saw a ONE STAR RATING and for that reviewer this is a COMEBACK!!!FOR NOT LOVING THESE SONGS!!😠 I am really angry and if there are more of those people I’m guessing that you don’t believe in Jesus and God.for those people who don't know what those people aka Jesus is the sun of God and I don't remember but God or Jesus created the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! so remember christians to thank God and Jesus for everything and pray to give away our sins because my teacher told me one day “When we pray we give away our sins and Jesus gets them and he died for us to let us go to heaven”(that was in worship class) so when we grow up I will pray for everyone to go to heaven so we can see loved ones Remember to pray,Kyla
  • So Anointed

    By gvalen
    So anointed, so powerful, the whole album wrecks me every time!
  • Incredible!!! 🔥🙌🏼❤️

    By Willywonkas
    Best album I’ve ever heard!!! Absolutely love it! The songs are anointed, ministering and lift up our Lord. Thank you so much!!
  • Inspiring and soul-soothing

    By Kaztrov
    Simply one of the best albums I’ve ever bought! It brings joy, hope, love and candor to the listener!
  • Anointed

    By Xheyxheyyx
    People that think this is THE secular Chris Brown... No. It's not. Their worship leader is a dude with the same name.
  • Great Job Guys!!!

    By Amazind!!!😯
    Elevation and Maverick together is 🔥🔥🔥
  • Love

    By Savvybae
    Thankful for this album and the heart behind it.