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  • The growing genre WITHOUT Lyrics

    By Alienated Intelligence
    From my experience it feels like this genre (which doesn't exactly have a proper representation) is starting to get recognition, even if from a small yet growing fanbase. So, I will at least attempt to give it a name: "Electric-Harmonic Instrumentals" (if you don't like it come up with one) -which would be welcomed it iTunes created this subcategory for those of us who are actually looking for it. The EHI genre consists of rhythms, themes, or songs that emphasize the use of instrumental and/or electronic arrangements that have an upbeat feeling while listening to it (as opposed to the traditional symphony/orchestra or "soft and soothing" instrumental solos). I'm hoping that at some point this genre will become easier to find (something that would be appreciated if iTunes created this subgenre. As for this album, I want to say that I really liked the the music overall. It set for a nice rhythmic beat, nothing too fast, or too slow. This kind of music makes for really good background music when you are either working on paperwork, art project, or something that requires concentration. The track that make me listen over and over is probably "Belvedere" there is just something that flows really well in that one. Overall, a good listen.

    By Pancakes562
    Been listening to this album at the gym everyday for the past month!
  • So boring

    By Campbema
    Honestly don’t see the big deal with these guys. Super boring and repetitive. Sounds like the music in the background of a car racing game 👎🏿
  • Superb! He just gets better and better.

    By Bikeboy911
    Does it Djent?? Meh, depends on the day of the week but musically the album is perfect. Excellent technical melodic playing, the mix is great, and the guitars sound amazing. I’m sure people going to say this is just more of the same but being such a big fan of the Shape of Color, I’m OK with a little more. But one minor comment would be that it is only a little more. The album is kind of short. If you like upbeat progressive metal you will love this album.
  • Amazing

    By samfeinstein
  • I knew this was going to be a 5 star album

    By Uniqueanddifferent
    I think Aarons playing is very stylistically unique and interesting to listen to. From start to finish this was an oustanding album. Owane really added a nice musiciality and fullness to the tracks. I think if you just step back and listen to this for what it is... Intervals created a very catchy musical album without sacraficing artisitic integrity. I hope we see a lot more of this.
  • The Grooves Are REAL!!!

    By MesaBoogier
    Aaron's done it again! YOU NEED THIS ALBUM!!
  • Aaron Has Done It Again

    By BrandonHartOfficial
    Been waiting for this album since the day The Shape of Colour came out. The second I finished listening to TSOC I wanted more. Just too good to stop listening. Kudos to Aaron for keeping the sound fresh and original. That's hard to do in today's world of music. Super proud to call Aaron a musician I look up to - highly. Even though it says 5 stars, I'm giving it 10. SUCH A KILLER ALBUM. God bless Aaron Marshall.
  • Aaron's music is next level

    By Crispynips
    Title kinda says it all. I love the melodies he comes up with they are so sweet! Ever since I stumbled upon In Time I've been a huge fan. The musical evolution of Aaron's music is clear and present in each work he gives us!
  • Love these guys

    By vhayes182
    Last album was amazing ready for the new tunes! Miss the lead singer though A Voice Within was my favorite.