Palette - IU



  • Genre: K-Pop
  • Release Date: 2017-04-21
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2017 (주)페이브엔터테인먼트(Fave Entertainment),under license to Kakao Enter


Title Artist Time
Dlwlrma IU 2:56 USD 1.29
Palette (feat. G-DRAGON) IU 3:37 USD 1.29
Ending Scene IU 4:09 USD 1.29
Can't Love You Anymore (with O IU 3:15 USD 1.29
Jam Jam IU 3:38 USD 1.29
Black Out IU 3:47 USD 1.29
Full Stop IU 3:56 USD 1.29
Through the Night IU 4:13 USD 1.29
Love Alone IU 4:41 USD 1.29
Dear Name IU 4:49 USD 1.29



    even there's few songs I don't like doesn't mean they can't be listened at all.I can feel her hard works and putting her mind on all her songs.I can't wait her to break and heal my heart with her upcoming songs or an album.SHE'S MY SAFE ZONE 🤍
  • Love it

    By Nexus4Lyfe
    Absolutely love this album. This is my favorite IU album.

    By Yoongilover93
    omg love this album this is what got me into IU and now she’s my favorite of all time

    By OooooooooooooooooooooooooOf!
    THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS EVER AND DEFINITELY THE BEST IU ALBUM! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVEY SONG IN THIS ALBUM!! The sad ballads in this album are also really REALLY good! The album also has more chill songs like Palette which I LOOOVVEE! Also it has more happy songs or upbeat songs like dlwlrma or Jam Jam!
  • I have loved IU since I was 11

    By Kalidreamine
    And I’m in college now. She never fails to amaze me with her evolution throughout the years and maturation. I began liking kpop through IU and never stopped loving her. She introduced me to new styles and genres, and she showed me the world of pop music. I’m a pianist, so before I only liked classical music; any pop, hip hop, trap, r&b, even ballads, I didn’t care for. IU was my entrance point into having diverse music taste. As she changed, I grew with her style. It was so cool. And we’re grown up now and more mature than ever before; as her fan, I hope to see more amazing things from her. I am now the age that IU was when I became her fan. So cool to experience being 18, thinking, wow, this was the point when IU came out with Good Day, which I really liked. She was already talented and became popular because of that song. It’s my favorite IU song ever.... I remember it so well. I also understood all the references in IU’s music video for Palette because I’m her super fan. Out of all artists, I have the most music from her bought on my phone. Looove IU. She is beautiful, amazing, kind, talented, bright, wonderful, sensational.
  • 오늘도 잘듣고갑니다 <3

    By 안아이린
    아~ 예쁜 아이유 언니는 앨범 나올때마다 칭찬밖에 않나오네요 ㅎㅎ 다른 앨범들도 다~ 정말 어메이징하지만 팔레트 또한 너무 잘듣고가요. 좋은 작곡가, 작사가, 프로듀서가 지은이 언니 너무 고마워요! <3
  • Let’s make her popular in the US also. I love her

    By Aki_48
    I was gonna to buy this one but it had told it is modified. What does that mean? (Modified) Anyway I love IU very much and she is my favorite singer all time. I guess other Americans do like kpop too! I can’t help myself, this chick deserves 10 gold stars not 5 because she is over the top best. Oh god, this girl had cracked the code in singing, we gotta make her popular in the US too! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🥇❤️
  • Awe-Inspiring Vocals and Heart

    By Sonic-_-Steve
    I just discovered IU and this album is a complete masterpiece. From her vocal performances to her songwriting. It fits every mood. It makes me think. It makes me feel. This album is the very essence of what music is supposed to be. Give this a listen! It’s a work of art by IU! 😃
  • Nicesu

    By Dethdiaper
    I recommend the unpopular ones too 👏👏
  • Magnificent!

    By jungkookandiu
    Stunning physically and most importantly in terms of talent👌