1 (2015 Version) - The Beatles

1 (2015 Version)

The Beatles

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2000-11-13
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 27

  • ℗ 2015 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group) / Apple Cor


Title Artist Time
Love Me Do (Mono) The Beatles 2:20 USD 1.29
From Me to You (Mono) The Beatles 1:56 USD 1.29
She Loves You (Mono) The Beatles 2:20 USD 1.29
I Want to Hold Your Hand (2015 The Beatles 2:25 USD 1.29
Can't Buy Me Love (2015 Stereo The Beatles 2:11 USD 1.29
A Hard Day's Night (2015 Stere The Beatles 2:32 USD 1.29
I Feel Fine (2015 Stereo Mix) The Beatles 2:19 USD 1.29
Eight Days a Week (2015 Stereo The Beatles 2:43 USD 1.29
Ticket to Ride (2015 Stereo Mi The Beatles 3:10 USD 1.29
Help! (2015 Stereo Mix) The Beatles 2:19 USD 1.29
Yesterday (2015 Stereo Mix) The Beatles 2:05 USD 1.29
Day Tripper (2015 Stereo Mix) The Beatles 2:49 USD 1.29
We Can Work It Out (2015 Stere The Beatles 2:15 USD 1.29
Paperback Writer (2015 Stereo The Beatles 2:18 USD 1.29
Yellow Submarine (2015 Stereo The Beatles 2:38 USD 1.29
Eleanor Rigby (2015 Stereo Mix The Beatles 2:05 USD 1.29
Penny Lane (2015 Stereo Mix) The Beatles 3:00 USD 1.29
All You Need Is Love (2015 Ste The Beatles 3:47 USD 1.29
Hello, Goodbye (2015 Stereo Mi The Beatles 3:27 USD 1.29
Lady Madonna (2015 Stereo Mix) The Beatles 2:16 USD 1.29
Hey Jude (2015 Stereo Mix) The Beatles 7:05 USD 1.29
Get Back (2015 Stereo Mix) The Beatles 3:11 USD 1.29
The Ballad of John and Yoko (2 The Beatles 2:59 USD 1.29
Something (2015 Stereo Mix) The Beatles 3:01 USD 1.29
Come Together (2015 Stereo Mix The Beatles 4:18 USD 1.29
Let It Be (2015 Stereo Mix) The Beatles 3:50 USD 1.29
The Long and Winding Road (201 The Beatles 3:39 USD 1.29


  • I feel fine

    By Sissybriches
  • Totally Worth it!!!!!

    By Saimon4429
    Totally Worth It!!!
  • The Absolute Best

    By The BUTCH 99
    The Beatles are the greatest band that ever lived, no questions asked. The album is a great collection of some of their most famous songs that they ever made together. A total musical journey through the times of The Beatles.
  • Ugh

    By 👦🏼👦🏼
    Didn’t even listen to it But I’m Guessing It’s Good because I read ALLLLL the reviews
  • Greatest Band 🐐

    By TheRob88
    The Fab Four , the best of the best, the the goat. This album packs all the Beatles #1 hits , definitely recommend to all Beatles fans.
  • Beatles songs love this group

    By Mickeys games
    I had them on my iPhone but can’t get it on my new iphone
  • Hubby

    By CaptEddie27
    Estes sE o w weHZwXZzzawa
  • Love it

    By careyannf
    Just love this!!
  • One of the most solid hits compilations of all time

    By BrianSwaldi
    If you're not familiar with the Beatles (which means you have to be young, otherwise you've been locked in a box for the last 60 years) then this album is the perfect introductory course for you. It contains almost all of the important/best tracks in their catalog. True, it is missing a couple great Beatles songs like Revolution, Twist and Shout, Long Tall Sally and likely dozens of others that hard-core fans would argue belong on here, but it really is one of the best and all-encompassing hits collections ever. Unless you're one of those hard-core fans that is looking for the deeper cuts, you really don't need the rest of their albums if you're just looking for their hits as a casual fan (like I am). The average song on here is 3 star quality and the best ones are actually only 4 star quality. Nowadays those are just really good stats, but not great. That seem surprising as it is definitely not befitting the legendary status that they have achieved. But what makes this a 5 star album and The Beatles the legendary band that they are is, in part, due to the undeniably high number of universally beloved hits (albeit mostly 3 star). The sheer number of hits combined with the fact that they were pioneering these sounds makes the songs classic and the band great. It influenced almost everything you hear from the 60's onward. You really have to wonder what music would sound like today if it weren't for The Beatles. I remember being shocked when i first heard the original Beatles version of Come Together. The Aerosmith version was in my life for so long, but when i was finally exposed to the original, i couldn't believe how similarly McCartney had sung it decades earlier. Truly before their time. Even though this is one of the best hits collections, even this one isn't perfect. I couldn't believe that some of these songs ever actually hit #1 and were eligile to be included while songs like Revolution didn't. I'm assuming that the two throwaways on this album (Ballad of John & Yoko and Long and Winding Road), must have been hits in the U.K. Overall, there were four 4 star songs in I Want to Hold Your Hand (one of my favorites), Can't Buy Me Love (another favorite), Eight Days a Week and Yellow Submarine. There's also an unmatched seventeen 3 star songs along with four 2 star songs and the two throwaways in Yoko and Winding Road.
  • Just buy the vinyl or CD.

    By Yuri_Toast
    Don't give iTunes money for this. Not worth it.

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